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After a such a tough year, it’s great to see the covid numbers currently so low, opening up opportunities for our live music scene to come back and entertain us all. In our new series FESTIVE FEELS, artists around Australia are offering us their seasons greetings, letting us know what they have planned for the holiday season, and also placing their requests for musical gift ideas in the hope that Santa will be kind to them! Check out our first bunch of well-wishers!


Creating an industrial/electro ruckus out of Ipswich QLD, Damien Johnson has delivered a fab new single “Power”.
“‘Power’ was birthed as an anthem to my anger and reminder that true power does not rest with individuals or governments or corrupt systems – it is with the people” Damian checks in with us for our new segment Festive Feels! #BossRC300

Dearly loved Australian singer songwriter, Bob Evans has today announced his new single Born Yesterday, a gorgeous, nostalgia-soaked rambler of a track, out now but today he wishes us all the best for the holiday season.  Born Yesterday is also accompanied by a beautiful, glowing video clip which serves as an ode to touring during a year where it was impossible.  Bob Evans, the ARIA-winning alter ego of Jebediah frontman Kevin Mitchell, has graced the Australian music scene for more than two decades and has written some of the country’s most beloved songs and Born Yesterday will not disappoint his loyal audience.  #AustralianMusician #FenderBluesJr

Chris Watts stops in to offer us his seasons greetings and he’s really hoping Santa drops a brand new Ibanez TS9 Ibanez Tube Screamer under the tree Christmas morning! Since his arrival in 2015, Chris Watts has stepped forward as an artist that consistently delivers powerful songwriting and storytelling. With comparisons to Shawn Mendes and 5SOS, this Melbourne singer and multi-instrumentalist has already supported international artists such as Robbie Williams and Elton John.  Now he returns with his new single ‘Over U’ – a gritty, beat driven track that sounds like the love child of Marilyn Manson and Shawn Mendez. A genre bending dark bop. #AustralianMusician #IbanezTR9TubeScreamer


Curly Blonde is Brynn O’Connor and Fergus Selkirk-Bell. Shimmering indie rock/pop up and comers Curly Blonde have recently dropped their latest single Room 309, a sun-soaked track which, despite its blissful exterior, deals with the feeling of being dissatisfied with how life has turned out.  The duo have also released a video to accompany the track, perfectly in keeping with Room 309’s exploration of monotony.  Brynn and Fergus took the time to wish us all well for the holiday season and let us know what they’re hoping to find under their Christmas Tree this year #AustralianMusician #EpiphoneCasino

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