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In our new series FESTIVE FEELS, artists around Australia are offering us their seasons greetings, letting us know what they have planned for the holiday season, and also placing their requests for musical gift ideas in the hope that Santa will be kind to them! Check out next first bunch of well-wishers!


Super Massive is the collaboration of singer/writer Malina Hamilton-Smith and drummer/composer Glenn Abbott, electro-laced sci funk alterna-pop-rock explorers carving a sexy new sonic path between dance and rock. Together the pair makes intense, exhilarating and dynamic electro/alternative/pop music, driven by funky dance grooves and delivered with the lustiness of a rock band. The result is a totally unique blend of styles and a sound that’s all their own. I Like It is the band’s fab new disco-flavoured  single and if you check out their social pages, you can nab a pair of those fab sparkling undies as a gift for that special someone who’s gonna ‘Like It’



Yours to Lend, the debut album from transcontinental duo, Dutch Monks, is a complete and polished body of work that showcases the band’s incredible musical connection. It contains a vast mixture of emotions, grooves, tempos, and textures. Jesse Rudd-Schmidt’s tactful lyrics take the listener through the emotions of relationships and loss, while Thijs Flinsenberg’s intricate piano lines are a stand out, ducking in and out of the lyrical journey and providing melodic highlights throughout.

From the thundering introduction of the opening track “Storm”, and past the catchy indie pop rock bop of their debut single “Colour Blind”, lies a middle section that takes the listener into the heartfelt emotions of the album’s title track, describing the loss of a loved one to cancer and the effects on all of those around. Lead single “Colour Blind” was quickly snapped up by radio stations which saw the band picking up spins on both community and commercial radio.



Liam Morton gets a little creative and sings us his Festive message. The last time we heard from Brisbane artist Liam Morton was when he hit us with a little ray of sunshine in the form of his second single, “Sunny Afternoon”. Liam is now following up that release with another great new Power Pop track titled “My Baby”. “My Baby” is full of hooks and melodies that lament missteps and regret. The carefree tune sounds both modern and classic at the same time but is quintessentially Australian in it’s sound; the jangly guitars reminiscent of legendary Aussie bands like You Am I and End of Fashion.

Liam picked up classical guitar when he was a child and has never looked back. Over the years he has played in a number of bands in the Brisbane music scene. After his most recent project, Port Royal, broke up he decided to go solo. Upon making this decision, Liam took a songwriting retreat to his grandparent’s outback property near Dysart, a ten hour drive from Brisbane. He then took the songs written during that time into Wagwurst Studios in Caboolture with producer Trevor Stefiuk. Liam and Trevor cut four songs during that time including “My Baby”.
In his spare time, Liam busks, plays Bossa Nova (Brazilian Jazz), and even does a bit of life modelling.


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