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Heloise Portrait low resBorn and bred in Tasmania but then relocating to Melbourne, Heloise first came to our attention as the winner of a songwriting competition hosted by the Bank Of Melbourne. Her new single ‘This Is Home’ was the award winning song she performed on the night. Heloise sat down for a quick Q&A with Australian Musician.

What was your first gig?
My first ever gig was at the Newstead College Rock Summer school back in Tasmania (that two-headed state down south which also happens to be my homeland). It was a 5 day music school over the holidays for young musicians. You practiced one or two songs over 4 days and on the 5th day you performed at a concert for your friends and family. It was back in 2003, I was 9 years old and in a band with some other super punk 9 year olds. We played Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water and The Chili Pepper’s Californication. I’m sure we absolutely slaughtered both songs and all the other parents probably listened with gritted teeth and firmly inserted earplugs… but we thought we were total rockstars.

What microphone do you use on stage generally?
My microphone of choice is whatever happens to be working at the venue… Sometimes I bring my own Shure Beta 58a, but that depends on whether I’ve remembered to transfer it to whichever bag I’ve decided to stuff all my gear in that night. #organised. I’d love a Shure Super 55 though, they’re those snazzy vintage looking mics. They’re making a bit of a come back in the music world and even though they’re so mainstream right now I really reeaaaaally want one… So if anyone out there is feeling generous, feel free to donate!

Is it the same for recording?
The microphones used for recording are usually different to live mics. I could go on for days about cardioid, super-cardioid, hyper-cardioid mics, instrument mics, stereo miking techniques like X-Y miking, coincident miking and spaced pair miking…but I probably won’t because I didn’t pay enough attention in college audio class.

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
Our latest recording was our recently released single ‘This Is Home’ which I wrote for a songwriting competition hosted by the Bank Of Melbourne. The task was to write a song about your love for Melbourne and why it inspires you as an artist. Being a recently migrated Taswegian, I wrote about my feelings as a stranger in such a huge, bustling city. It was inspired by my love for the creative arts scene here in Melbourne, the food, the people and all the hidden gems I came across in my adventure over the puddle. I was lucky enough to gain first place in the competition and won recording sessions at Sing Sing Studios, a video clip, promo CD’s and the song is to be featured on a Bank Of Melbourne television ad. We shot the video clip for the track a few weeks ago on an old locomotive in rural VIC with acclaimed Australian director, photographer and film extraordinaire, Wilk. The song is a bit different to my usual stuff which is a little more bluesy and dark, but I wrote the song with the fun, quirky and upbeat side of Melbourne in mind. We’re hoping to be back in the studio over the coming months recording our second EP! Yipppeee!

What gigs have you been playing lately?
I’ve been all over the place! Over the Christmas period we played The Falls Festival in Lorne, Festivalé in Tasmania, Party In The Paddock in Tas, a few weddings, the Bank Of Melbourne annual conference, some fab pubs Northside, some cool pubs Southside and a garden party. Which was super fun because …free food. You can get me to do anything if it involves free food.

Most memorable gig?
Hmm that’s a tough one. I’d have to say the Falls Festival after party a few years ago. That was cray-freakin-cray *insert dancing lady emoji*. All the festival volunteers and staff get together in the VIP marquee (which is not very large) after the festival is over and they have a big party. There were acrobats hanging from the roof, people singing the words to songs they’d never heard, drinks and food being fed to us onstage (I caught some pineapple in my mouth aw yeah) people dancing furiously even to slow songs and the best audience participation I’ve ever had at a gig. So much love!

Worst stage nightmare?
Okay I think the worst one was where I was doing backing vocals for Sting, I think somehow in the dream he was using me to marry my mum? Anyway, I got onstage in front of this huge crowd and couldn’t sing any of the right songs in the right key or in tune and couldn’t seem to control my vocal cords. Then of course I suddenly had no clothes on and was worried people would give me a hard time about my severe lack of tan. I couldn’t escape from the stage because all the doors were locked so I had to crawl under the back curtain and try to hide my luminescent feet. Fun times.

Album that changed your life?
There are a few that come close but it would definitely have to be Tom Waits’ Mule Variations. He is one of my biggest influences and inspired me to experiment with different guitar sounds, chords and picking patterns. I learned the basics of playing slide guitar and played around with open tunings and blues progressions. I love Tom’s storyteller-style lyrics, they conjure up strange and wonderful visuals. His voice gives me goosebumps and I love the fact he uses weird and whacky instruments and unconventional sounds.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We’ve got a few gigs coming up, most importantly is our single launch for This Is Home on April 30 at The Worker’s Club! We’ll be showing the video clip too. I can’t wait to play our new stuff to everyone!  Aside from the launch, we have a show on the 16th of April at The Great Britain Hotel in Richmond and another show at the MCG in May for Sleep At The G, which is a charity event raising awareness for youth homelessness in Australia. You can keep updated with all our upcoming gigs on facebook at

A vocal tip for the kids?
My formula for achieving my best gig voice (which took many years to finally perfect) is to talk all day, have a nap then go straight to the gig. Dunno why it works for me, but it does…. But do as I say not as I do…and I say: practice, do your warm ups, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

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