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Born on the west coast of Ireland, songwriter and artist Honas draws his creative spirit from the unique years of his childhood. Growing up along the rugged coastline, speaking the Irish language and throwing himself into Gaelic football; but a portion of his early years were spent living in Guyana, South America, where his obsession with music was ignited. This diverse cultural exposure, coupled with a newfound appreciation for classic Western songwriting upon his return to Ireland, moulded Honas’ musical identity. His tender, intimate vocals and emotionally charged songwriting give birth to tracks that effortlessly transform into irresistibly catchy ear worms.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips chats to Irish singer, songwriter, performer Honas about his career and his new double-A sided single Icy Blue and Someone of a Kind.

Following the acclaim of his initial singles, ‘Everyday Life’ and ‘Cash Machine,’ which not only made it to the RTÉ Radio 1 Recommends list for three consecutive weeks but also featured on the BBC NI Music Matters playlist, Honas continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of intimate vocals and emotionally charged lyrics.

Icy Blue’ was inspired by a winter trip to Canada and the nostalgia of 80s tunes. The track reflects Honas’ versatility and creativity, infusing retro vibes with his signatures sound, culminating in a song that is both fresh and familiar.

“I wrote ‘Icy Blue’ after a trip to Canada in the winter of 2021. I was there with friends, and we were blasting 80s tunes on a lot of the car journeys. When I got home, I had the urge to write something that was slightly in that vein, and so ‘Icy Blue’ started coming out, with the working title “Boys of Winter”.”

Joining the release of ‘Icy Blue’ today is ‘Someone of a Kind,’ a more poignant track that explores the deep connections we form with others and the reflections of ourselves we see in them. It’s a song about attachment, love, and the fear of loss, showcasing Honas’ ability to weave complex emotions into his music.


Honas’ music has already garnered significant attention, with his work on the 2022 video amassing almost 300 million views, and his collaboration with German producer LO on the track “Control” achieving 20 million streams. His collaborations and performances, including joining the ranks of Lisa Hannigan, Saint Sister, and Nealo at Hibernacle in 2020, have only added to his evolving sound and reach.

With support from Irish,German, and Australian national radios, as well as inclusion in major Spotify playlists, Honas is set to continue his ascent in the music world with ‘Icy Blue’ and ‘Someone of a Kind’.

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