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Tinpan Orange jump low res

Tinpan Orange is one of Australia’s most loved brother-sister outfits. With the ethereal and mesmerising Emily Lubitz at the helm, joined by her brother, guitarist Jesse Lubitz and violin virtuoso Alex Burkoy, Tinpan Orange’s heavily stylised folk music combines the highest levels of song-craft with an aching, sweeping romanticism. Tinpan Orange will release their new album ‘Love is A Dog’ on April 8th and in the meantime are touring around Australia. Guitarist Jesse Lubitz took a moment to answer this Q&A for us.

jesseWhat was your first guitar?
My first guitar was a steel string acoustic Maton that was given to me on my 13th birthday. It played like a dream and it smelled amazing

What’s your main guitar now?
Now I play a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 as well as my sisters 1964 Hollow Body Gretsch.

Through what amp and why?
Fender Blues Junior III – it’s warm, has reverb and valves and doesn’t weigh a million kilos and I can turn it up to three without deafening the rest of the band.

Which pedals are your standards?
Dazatronyx Tremolo

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
We’ve just finished our new album, Love Is A Dog, which is out April 8. We recorded the album over the course of a year, searching for a warmth and continuity between the tracks. We don’t have any plans to head back to the studio for a while now – we can’t wait to share the album we’ve just made!

What gigs have you been playing lately?
We’ve had a busy summer playing festivals around Australia – Mullum Music Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Woodford, Cygnet, and most recently we’ve been supporting John Butler Trio on his East Coast Tour.

Most memorable gig?
A few years back we played at a winery in WA where a classic Aussie legend (I won’t name him here) was headlining a family day. The lead singer of the headline act got completely smashed on every substance possible and spent most of his set swearing at the audience and mumbling through his hits. It was like watching a 60 minute train wreck. He came off stage and projectile vomited all over the place in full view of the audience. All class…

Worst stage nightmare?
Just happens to be the same as the most memorable gig…

Album that changed your life?
Oh! What to choose!? I think the album that I’ve probably listened to the most in my life is Harvest by Neil Young.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We’re touring around the entire country in the coming months, playing in every state and most Territories – head to for full details

A guitar tip for the kids?
Practice songs you like…

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