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Australian blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and performer Lloyd Spiegel is a troubadour in the true sense of the word, a wandering minstrel traversing the world telling his stories in song, while at the same time collecting new ones. Lloyd has just released his 10th album Cut and Run, an exploration of the many shades of the blues from spirited boogies and smouldering slow rockers to heartfelt ballads in which he bares his soul. On October 18th Lloyd begins an extensive Australian tour, where he’ll be slipping on the new tunes and wearing them in. Lloyd has just returned from a successful five week tour of Canada and was kind enough to put fingers to the keyboard and share with us his post-Canadian tour thoughts, while contemplating the Australian tour ahead. Over to you Lloyd …

Lloyd on Canadian TV

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of overseas touring it’s that the show is only as good as the audience. Bouncing off an excited crowd is where I’m getting the motivation to keep pushing myself forward both on stage and off. If they’re not interested, I’m unlikely to fire and all the travel has no purpose. In fact, I’m only really ever comfortable playing music when there’s an audience. I’m pretty terrible in rehearsals, rarely play at home and find recording to be a difficult and awkward process. It’s fair to say that I’m an entertainer, rather than a musician. That’s how I define my job anyway.

I’m half way through a 5 week Canadian tour. From the moment I first arrived here 3 years ago, I knew all the pieces of the puzzle fit for me. Bordering the USA, there is a strong understanding of the blues and their wide, collective heritage has acoustic music and story telling deeply rooted in the music culture. More importantly, the more time I spend here, the clearer I become on my role as I hone in on what really connects to an audience and how in turn it’s made me a better artist and a much happier man.

Touring overseas can be a lonely business if you choose to see it that way and I can certainly understand how easy it is to slip into that frame of mind. You may have theatres full of people hanging on your every word, but the night always ends with you and your thoughts alone in a hotel, physically and emotionally drained with the knowledge that tomorrow will be that tiny bit harder.

Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains

Trust me, I’ve been there, but I always try to focus on the brighter side of it. I see what I do as a currency accepted worldwide and my guitar as a passport that can take me anywhere.
I found myself at Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains last week. I stood looking at the turquoise waters and said to myself out loud ‘All I did was learn the guitar’. I say that quite a lot. When you connect with an audience, they feel compelled to give something back so I find myself being given these incredible opportunities and in a job that’s largely airports, hotels and venues. Saying yes to those opportunities breaks the cycle, gives you a true sense of the people you’re playing for and makes you feel much less like a stranger and more like a guest.

From home cooked meals to helicopter rides, factory tours to sky diving, the tour highlights are never musical. It’s the people and places music has connected me to that I hold closest along with the hope that this small contribution I make means I can look back knowing I’ve mostly brought happiness and done good with my life.”

– Lloyd Spiegel, October 2019


Fri 18 OCT The Stag and Hunter Hotel, Mayfield, NSW
7:00pm, $25 + BF


Sat 19 OCT Akoostik Festival, Wingham, NSW
Tickets and Info:

Sun 20 OCT Beaches, Thirroul, NSW
5:30pm, Free entry

Fri 25 OCT Red, White, Amber and Blues Festival
The George Harcourt Inn, Nicholls, ACT
Tickets and info:

Sat 26 OCT
The Spotted Mallard, Brunswick, VIC
6:00pm, $35 + BF

Thur 31 OCT
Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co, Halls Gap, VIC
7:00pm, $30 inc bf

Fri 1 NOV
The Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Ocean Grove, VIC
7:30pm, $25 + bf

Sat 2 NOV
Maldon Folk Festival, Maldon, VIC
Tickets and info:

Sun 3 NOV
Way Out West Roots Music Club, Newport, VIC
2:00pm, $25

Mon 4 NOV
Grand Ridge Brewery, Mirboo North, VIC
8:00pm, $25 + bf

Wed 6 NOV
Sonar Room, Fremantle, WA
7:00pm, $25

Thur 7 NOV
The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth, WA
7:00pm, $25 + bf, $30 door

Fri 15 NOV
Tomerong Hall, Tomerong, NSW
7:00pm, $25 + bf presale, $30 door


Sat 16 NOV
Camelot Lounge, Marrickville, NSW
7:00pm, $30 + BF presale, $35 door

Sun 17 NOV
The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW
7:00pm, $25 + bf presale, $30 door

Fri 22 NOV
The Trinity Sessions, Clarence Park, SA
With special guest Cal Williams Jr
7:00pm, GA $30, Concession $25

Sat 23 NOV
Burrinja Cultural Centre, Upwey, VIC
8:00pm, $33

Sun 24 NOV
Mansfield Football Club, Mansfield, VIC
4:00pm, $35 + BF

Wed 27 NOV
Number 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
5:00pm, $25

Thur 28 NOV
HOTA, Surfers Paradise, QLD
7:30, $30

Fri 29 NOV
Lighthouse Music Club – The Bowlo Bangalow, NSW
7:30, $27.50

Sat 30 NOV
The Old Museum, Fortitude Valley, QLD
7:30, $25 + bf presale, $30 door

Sun 1 DEC
The Imperial Hotel, Eumundi, QLD
7:00pm, $25 + bf presale, $30 door

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