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Authentic indie-rock, fusing big driving guitars, contrasting vocals and three part harmonies reads the label for Perth-based indie-rock band Lonesome Dove. Formed in 2021, they consist of Nici Ward (guitar and vocals), Ben Protasiewicz (guitar), Olga Sigurthorsdottir (bass), and Leo Kenneth Downsborough (drums). They’re four fuzzed-out, melancholy punk dreamers who met through Perth’s tightly-knit music scene and bonded over their heroes Best Coast, The Pixies and Clouds.

Lonesome Dove having been gigging regularly around Perth since formation and have released several high energy singles along the way. Something Dumb is the second single off Lonesome Dove’s upcoming debut album (which in our interview they spill the beans and reveal it’s to be called ‘Sucked In’) and gives us a taste of just how heavy LD can go. Drop D heavy. Dragging your chipped, polished fingernails across the floor while you’re trying to find a reason not to ditch work so you can lie on the couch all day in your underwear watching re-runs of Laguna beach, heavy.

Tainted with Nici’s sugary vocals riding sweetly over Olga’s driving straight to the depths of doom bass and Leo’s swinging, thudding tubs. Something Dumb really showcases just how much LD love a big phat hooky guitar riff and Ben knows how to write one. Something Dumb is knowing that in this moment you’re probably not going to reach anybody’s expectations let alone your own and you’re ok with seeing how far you can actually let things get out of hand… to the edge.

Lonesome Dove were in Melbourne this weekend past for a bunch of gigs and Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips invited them down to the Melbourne Guitar Show for chat. Photos by Jason Rosewarne

Lonesome Dove with AM editor Greg Phillips

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