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Melbourne rock/noise-pop outfit, PLASTIC has released their first single in over a year, ‘Has Anyone Ever Told You You’re Alive’. It’s a banging, catchy slap in the face that sets the tone for their forthcoming sophomore EP, Air Conditioning. Honing the songs on their latest New Zealand tour, the band settled down in late 2016 for summer hibernation. Their first attempts at self-recording in a Collingwood sauna they call their studio proved fruitful.

Having previously sold out a headlining show in Auckland and support slots in Melbourne for the likes of Alex Lahey and Frida, Plastic will launch ‘Has Anyone Ever’ at Bar Open on March 31. The release of their EP Air Conditioning will follow in April.

In the meantime, Plastic’s man about town, Louis McDonald took some time out to dabble in a little Q&A with us.

What was your first guitar?
A Fender dreadnought acoustic my Dad got me for Christmas, a cheapy but it was sick and did the job.

What’s your main guitar now?
An old Fender Jaguar. I don’t play it live though I’ve been using a really light Epiphone Les Paul Special recently because I can throw it around easily and it’s cheap and loud.

Through what amp and why?
Anything small really, I’ve been using an old Fender Vibro Champ live and for rehearsals for a while but my fave guitar amp is my ’80s solid state Yamaha bass amp.

Which pedals are your standards?
Tuner and EQ!

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
‘Has Anyone Ever…’ is our most recently released recording I guess, though it was recorded in July 2016. Have been in the studio ever since though!

What gigs have you been playing lately?
Dive bars mate, can’t change me.

Most memorable gig?
That I played? Someone tipped out a can of petrol in the front bar of the Crown and Anchor in Adelaide during our support bands set and lit the bar on fire and I had to run on stage and tell the band the venue was on fire during their set, and we didn’t get to play.

Worst stage nightmare?
Probably just something breaking that you can’t fix, it’s never really that bad though.

Best riff you’ve ever heard?
I think one of my favourite is the opening chords to ‘Strange’ by Wire.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
Plastic gigs or in general? Either way I guess I usually find out the week they’re happening anyway. Bar Open march 31st though, I found out about that one ahead of time!

A guitar tip for the kids?
Buy one guitar, learn how to set it up yourself, and never buy another guitar. Trust me you can do everything on every guitar, they are just t-shirts with different designs and they don’t wear themselves.

Stream –
Bandcamp page
Melbourne launch – March 31 @ Bar Open, Melbourne

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