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LRB ’s Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble’s NAMM Oral History Interview

Recently, the team at the NAMM Oral History Project were able to capture two fantastic interviews with members of the Little River Band. Guitarist, Songwriter, Beeb Birtles, and Songwriter, Guitarist, Graeham Goble share where their passion for music came from and what it was like discovering the harmonies they could create. Interviews by Howard Reitzes (The Kingsmen, Electric Flag, Blues Image and Iron Butterfly)

Beeb Birtles developed a passion for music at a young age when his parents bought him a piano-accordion while growing up in Amsterdam. After emigrating to Australia with his family, Beeb started singing and playing bass in bands with friends from high school. This passion for music eventually developed into a career once the band he was playing in started to get shows in the bigger cities. Beeb went on to be in groups such as Zoot and Mississippi, and ultimately ended up in the group Little River Band when he, Graeham Goble and Glenn Shorrock discovered the harmonies the three could achieve together. Little River Band enjoyed great success in both Australia and the United States.

Graeham Goble is a founding member, main songwriter and the architect of Little River Band’s sound. Graeham always had a deep and passionate love for songwriting! When he bought his first Banjo and was taking lessons, instead of practicing, he prepared songs he wrote to share with his teacher. He played in several bands growing up in Australia and in 1974 moved to London with Beeb Birtles and met Glenn Shorrock. When the three sang together, blending their voices, Graeham knew they had something very special. Together they formed Little River Band, which toured around the world and top the charts with a string of now classic hits such as “Reminiscing,” “Take It Easy on Me,” “The Night Owls,” “Lady” and “The Other Guy.”

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