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MARK SCHULMAN (P!NK): NAMM Oral History Interview AM edit

On January 17, 2020 P!nk’s longtime drummer and Gretsch drums endorsee Mark Schulman sat down with Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips for a chat about his career and gear. The interview was conducted for NAMM’s Oral History archive. The NAMM Oral History Collection is unique, unlike any other collection in the world. The heart of the Collection is the depth of its narratives that cover innovative creations, the evolution of musical instruments, the ever-changing world of music retail, as well as our collective quest to improve music education around the globe. The NAMM Oral History archive can be found at –
Thank you to NAMM for permission to post the interview. Stills used in video by Jay Wennington Live Nation Australia.

Here’s the Australian Musician edit of the interview

Mark Schulman is an American musician and corporate speaker. He has performed with Foreigner, Cher, Pink, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Destiny’s Child, Billy Idol, Texas and more. Schulman is also a session drummer as well as a music producer, audio engineer and co-owner of West Triad Studios, a recording venue located in Venice, California.

Gretsch drums distributed in Australia by Pro Music Australia

To find out more about Mark Schulman, visit

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