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A prolific journeyman of the music world, guitar virtuoso Matthew Fagan has entertained audiences in more that 120 countries worldwide as a soloist and with orchestra and bands including extensive touring across Europe, South America, Alaska, Canada, China, Japan and South East Asia. Fagan has toured with international celebrities Natalie Cole, The Original Buena Vista Social Club, Billy Connolly, Shirley Bassey and Michael Crawford. The tour with Billy Connolly was so successful that Billy made a gift of his own Banjo to Matthew as a token of his gratitude and was quoted saying “Matthew is the best guest artist I have ever toured with.”

Matthew Fagan has just released a new Spanish guitar album titled El Vito, which is available now on vinyl, CD or digital download. He is also currently on his El Vito tour, along with acclaimed pianist Nicholas Young.

Matthew sat down with Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips for a chat about his career and the creation of his album El Vito.

View the NSW October & VIC November tour dates at:

Purchase El Vito HERE

As well as the El Vito tour, Matthew Fagan will also be performing his acclaimed Lord of the Strings show at Melbourne’s Deakin Edge, Federation Square on Friday, November 30. From Bach to Beatles, Flamenco to Blues to Led Zeppelin and Celtic Harp on unique 10-string Spanish guitar. Lord of the Strings is the ultimate music journey packed with humour, plus Matthew will play music from Pink Floyd, ELO and Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Ticket info HERE

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