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Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips chats with Tamworth-based singer songwriter Hattie Oates about life in lockdown, her new single ‘High’ (out May 29) and the tools she uses to create her music.

At only 16, Tamworth-based artist Hattie Oates was a 2017 graduate of the CMAA Junior Academy. Over the course of the next few years, the New England songwriter has flourished from being a young ‘buzz’ artist, to now being a formidable voice that has captured the attention of fans and industry alike. Hattie’s new single, ‘High’, sees her stepping further into new sonic territory as she plays with darker pop tones and explores the effects of sudden impulses.

Beginning with a simple finger picked guitar melody, High swiftly ventures into a rapid fire vocal delivery, moving gracefully into a dark, beautiful bridge before kicking into a beat-heavy chorus, showcasing an artist who is not afraid to mix styles and moods within the confines of a song. It’s the sound of a young artist exploring and growing.

For Hattie Oates, ‘High’ is an expression of raw attraction. “I wrote this song about that feeling you get when you have a new little crush and no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can’t help the tingling butterflies in your belly! Especially when they catch you off guard and you feel like your heart is about to jump from your chest. That little adrenaline rush.” Hattie Oates

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