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With the sun beaming through his studio window onto his face Josh Pyke chats about his new album ‘Rome’ (out today, August 28), his gear and being a creative rather than being pigeonholed as just a singer songwriter

Rome is Pyke’s long-awaited follow-up to Pyke’s 2015 LP But For All These Shrinking Hearts – which debuted at Number 2 in Australia – and marks his return to his solo career following a two-year break from the stage.

Rome was written, recorded and produced by Pyke in his own home studio, Timshel Industries, with Pyke playing most instruments himself with some added help from friends Josh Schuberth, Elana Stone, Stephanie Zarka, Glenn Hopper and Matt Fell, who would each pop around to lay some parts down when required. “I can’t imagine making a record any other way in the future,” explains Pyke who then jumped on a plane to Portland Oregan to mix the album with Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket).

“The title Rome refers to the expression that ‘all roads lead to Rome.’  We can’t escape ourselves. We can’t avoid what stares us in the face as our personal realities, and if we don’t address these things we risk becoming ruins of ourselves.”

Collaborating with Crowbar, the new album will coincide with the release of a limited run of Rome Shiraz by Josh Pyke, put together by Tim Sproal of Minim & Boomtown wines in Castlemaine, Victoria. “I’m a firm believer in creativity as a way to enhance people’s experiences. This album feels like a red wine album. It’s a listening album, sit back with a glass of wine and fully engage.”

Also in Josh Pyke news today, Embassy Music Publishing (part of the Wise Music Group) is thrilled to announce a worldwide music publishing agreement with the Australian singer/songwriter and multi-award-winning artist for his 6th studio album “Rome”, released today.

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