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Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips caught up with South African-based guitarist/composer Robyn Ferguson for a chat about life in lockdown in South Africa, her career, recordings and gear, including her Ibanez Guitars endorsement.

Multi-award winning South African guitarist and composer Robyn Ferguson is widely known for her energetic stage performances and has performed both locally and internationally with some heavy weight names including: Periphery, Norma Jean, Epica, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Fleshgod Appocalypse, Hatebreed, Becoming the Archetype, Decapitated and many more. She is also known for her part in two bands, Adorned in Ash and Sistas of Metal, however her recent and long anticipated solo material is what is now attracting international attention.

Robyn Ferguson has just released her second solo recording, an EP titled Falling Forward. Recorded under incredible hardship, Robyn is battling a degenerative condition which effects her nerves and in particular her left hand fretboard fingers. However, judging by the emotion and feel in her playing, you’d never know. Check out Falling Forward Now

More about Robyn’s solo projects and albums:

Falling Forward:
A mere year since her dynamic debut solo release “ALIZARIN”, South Africa-based Prog Rock extraordinaire Robyn Ferguson is back with her blistering sophomore release “FALLING FORWARD”
The last year has not been easy for Robyn and FALLING FORWARD follows her mental, emotional and spiritual journey to rise above health challenges. Robyn states that “there were many challenges faced and some that are still being faced. I am happy to say that, despite all these battles and still having some nerve damage and paralysis in parts of my body, (like 3 of the 5 fingers on my left hand), the creation of this album has been so liberating and exciting. This past year has completely kicked me into a different frame of mind and I’ve found myself looking at the world through a different lens. This year has pushed and pulled me like no other and I hope that this record will bring hope to those who are facing their own battles and inner demons.”
Once again this sophomore album is a complete solo undertaking and Robyn is grateful to Clinton Watts for his time, his skills and the efforts behind the mix and mastering of these songs.  Robyn also thanks each and every one for their support and affirms “this is just the beginning”!

For years you’ve seen her on stage performing in bands and projects headed up by some of the greats in the industry but now she’s putting all her energy into growing herself as a solo musician and is seriously a force to be reckoned with. Her solo EP album “Alizarin” was released globally in April 2019 and has spread like wildfire. Since then she has been writing and recording material for a second album which is still to be announced. Alizarin is a completely self composed, recorded and produced album. Every instrument and part was created and recorded by her and this 4 track powerhouse concept album is sure to blow your mind. She has been performing as a solo act since the release of Alizarin with shows ranging from live performances of the album to guitar clinics and workshops both locally and abroad. Follow her solo material on all major platforms and if you wish to support her, please become a Patreon supporter


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