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Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips chats with Stu Thomas, main man from The Stu Thomas Paradox, about the bands’ new album ‘Counting To Infinity’, his guitar gear and more

STU THOMAS is the much respected multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, vocalist, performer, and producer, who has worked with some of Australia’s greatest bands. He plays solo or with band as THE STU THOMAS PARADOX, and plays baritone guitar/bass for Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist and for Kim Salmon & The Surrealists.

Counting To Infinity, is the new album from his voodoo rock outfit The Stu Thomas Paradox. It’s a fine slice of Rock-noir Devilry. It’s a vivid snapshot of their live show and was captured in 2 live studio sessions at Soundpark between 2018 & 2019.

Alongside their own hot-rock numbers, The STP has a penchant for unearthing cool, obscuro film songs, forgotten gems they make their own with doses of trash-guitar fuzz-twang goodness.

There’s The Girl On Deathrow by Lee Hazlewood & Duane Eddy, from Why Must I Die?(1960), Peggy Lee’s Johnny Guitar, Satan (Theme) from 60’s biker classic Satan’s Sadists, Mama’s Boy (Return) from Johnny Suede, and the cinematic spy vibes of Thunderball.

The party is complete with Stu tunes Ticket, Rebuild My Head (both driving classics), The New Grind (beat-punk madness with guest Simon Grounds on baritone sax), and Revelations (a minimalist lyrical rock-out). Long-lost rocker Goddess Of Love is by old friend and artist Cornelius Delaney (aka Nique Needles).

Counting To Infinity is album #3 under Stu’s name. Out thru Off The Hip Records.

STU THOMAS – lead vocal, guitar, songs, artwork.
BILLY MILLER – best remembered as Ferrets front man (1977 Aus #2 hit) and still
rockin’ better than ever. He plays a mean EBow, and lead guitar for STP.
PHIL COLLINGS – drummer for STP. He’s played a wild variety of music and runs
outré jazz label Crackbell.
EDUARDO MILLER, Billy’s son, is a multi-instrumentalist genius. He plays bass for
STP, all the while releasing his own stuff.

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