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From self-doubt to self-acceptance; Munro Melano’s self-titled debut album is a personal journey about the emotional impact of significant life changes
. It’s out now. Munro also took some time to take us through his home studio set up

After years of balancing a day-job as a social worker, a weekend job as a session musician, and a night job composing for film and co-writing for other artists, Munro Melano’s self-titled debut album is finally here. Prior to this Munro has released two independent EPs, Running Round and Blue Veins. ‘Cannonballs’ was the second single to be lifted from the album, following on from previous single ‘Semi Spinning’.

Based in Melbourne, Munro has twice (and almost thrice) had to postpone releasing his album in order to fit in time for scoring feature films. “This album has sat on the edge of completion for a long time. We squeezed in sessions wherever we could – it was a labour of love.” –  Munro Melano. 

He’s ready to admit that it isn’t the album that he was expecting to have.

“My long time friend Yen Nguyen approached me after playing a solo gig and told me he had an arrangement for my song ‘Cannonballs’. I loved his arrangement so much that I wrote an entirely new album that I knew Yen’s darker production style would suit.” – Munro Melano

Munro assembled an eclectic musical palette to colour the songs on the album. Astute listeners will hear a string quartet, four-piece horn section, lush backing vocals by Bluegrass act Mustered Courage, and layer upon layer of (now decaying) vintage synthesizers all featuring on the album at some point. The album also includes a guest appearance by Canberra based Folk hero Tom Woodward on the song ‘Satellite’. Musically the album draws on singer songwriter, modern classical, and hip hop traditions. 

As previously mentioned, the album was produced by long time friend and collaborator Yen Nguyen (Mechanical Pterodactyl) and recorded across multiple Victorian Studios – The Aviary, St. Charles, and Echidna Studios. Additional late night synth recording sessions took place in Munro’s garage and weekend vocal takes were in Yen’s kitchen.


Longplay, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC * Album launch ** SOLD OUT
Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Union Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne 
December 1, 2019
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