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The Lion drum head & bass headThe Lion is a new instrumental/post-rock Melbourne-based project by Nate Hill and Matty Davenport, whose influences include: Rage Against The Machine, Karnivool, Deftones, Mogwai, Mutemath, Incubus, Nine Inch Nails, and sleepmakeswaves. Drummer Nate is profiled here.

What was your first kit like?
My first kit was a beat up Boston (not sure who makes them) kit. I put a bit of work into it, even re-finishing it. Still didn’t sound great.

What’s your regular kit set up?
I now play a Pearl ELX Custom kit with Paiste cymbals. I love this kit! Every time I use it, whether it’s live or in the studio, I get comments on how good it sounds.

Is it the same for recording?
I do use this kit for recording.

What sticks do you favour?
I use Vic Firth sticks. They feel great in the hand. I use wooden tips for a natural sound. I’ve been using them since I started playing so there is something sentimental about the brand for me.

Other drummers you admire?
There are so many drummers that I admire. Short list…
Darren King (Mutemath)
Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)
Matt Cameron (Soundgarden/Pearl Jam)
Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine)
Jose Pasillas (Incubus)
Jon Theodore (One Day as a Lion)
The list could go on and on…

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
My band ‘The Lion’ have a debut EP out now. We recorded it ourselves in various spare rooms and had it mixed by our great mate Peter ‘Reggie’ Bowman, who has work with artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Southern Sons, Frankenbok, Pre-Shrunk, and The Nerve.  As we have our own recording gear, we’ll keep writing and recording as we go.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
The Lion are a new band and we haven’t hit the live stage yet, but we’re just about to get a few shows together to test the songs live! I have been playing with Andrew Swift & the Rattlesnake Choir for the last few years and we usually gig around Melbourne and regional Vic every few weeks

Most memorable gig?
Played a number of memorable gigs. One of my faves was a sold out CD launch at the Espy Gershwin Room with one of my bands called Spoonfed. Also enjoyed playing Queenscliff Music Festival with Andrew Swift & The Rattlesnake Choir last year.

Worst stage nightmare?
Haven’t had many on-stage nightmares. Drums sliding forward on a slippery surface is always a pain though

Album that changed your life?
So many albums that have had an impact. Soundgarden’s Superunknown is right up there. It introduced me to a whole new scene/genre, and to using odd time signatures in rock music.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
The Lion will look at getting out and about to promote our self titled EP. Nothing booked yet, but we’re working on that at the moment!

A drum tip for the kids?
Practice, practice, practice. Find some backing tracks that you like and play along. Make sure you can play to a metronome.

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