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Pic by Nicole Nighthawk

After slaying Australian audiences on stage with Alice Cooper this month, guitarist Nita Strauss continued to impress crowds in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in a series of Masterclasses for Ibanez Guitars and Boss Effects. At the clinics, Nita told of her journey from numerous battle of the bands performances, where she was to trying to get a break, to playing with The Iron Maidens and now traveling the globe with rock legend Alice Cooper. Using her signature Ibanez JIVA guitar and the Boss GT-1000 effects processor, Nita also delivered some slick licks, blowing everyone away with her dexterity and energy.

Australian Musician’s Nic Nighthawk caught up with Nita in Melbourne at Manny’s Music before her clinic for a chat about her gear and career.

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Nita Strauss
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Photos by Nic Nighthawk and Jason Rosewarne.
Music: Cut It – Silent Partner


Pic by Jason Rosewarne


Pic by Jason Rosewarne


Nita with GT-1000 Pic Jason Rosewarne


Pic by Nicole Nighthawk


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