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Sydney singer/songwriter Peta Mai has spent her life performing and sharing her voice and stories with audiences, appearing at festivals such as CMC Rocks Queensland, Deni Ute Muster & Gympie Music Muster with some of the world’s biggest international country stars, including Grammy award winning trio Lady Antebellum & Keith Urban. Peta has also played to a full house at the Metro Theatre, opening for Grammy nominated artist Hunter Hayes. “For me, there’s no better way to understand your own personal experience with happiness, fear, anger or heartbreak than pouring it onto that piece of paper. All you need is your heart to bring it to life, and your ears and eyes to watch it click with loved ones, past loves and complete strangers,” says Peta of her craft.

On September 28, Peta will release her debut EP ‘This Is Not About You’, which was recently recorded in Nashville. She has also just released a new music video for her song After You. (See below)
Ahead of the EP release Peta presents a little Q&A for us.

What was your first gig?
I did a lot of competitions and musicals as an under-aged musician, so I had some pretty eclectic performance experiences growing up. My first gig playing my own music was at The Goodies at the Tamworth Country Music Festival when I was 19.

What microphone do you use on stage generally?
For my live gigs I usually use a BETA58. I feel like it captures my tone better than most other of the mics I’ve played with!

Is it the same for recording?
For recording we’re currently using a Neumann U87. It has so much detail – my producer and I felt it really complimented the vibe of my latest project.

What’s your latest recording?
My latest recording is an EP called ‘This Is Not About You’. It’s out in the universe on the 28th of September for your ears!

When will you be back in the studio?
I’ve been back in the studio for the past few months planning for the next project! I always try to keep that creative muscle working by playing, writing and recording.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
I’ve been a bit of a studio hermit, but I recently played live on the radio for Planet Country! I also performed at Stingray Music in their Sydney Office recently. We’re in the midst of planning a mini EP tour – so I’m excited to get back in front of my audience!

Most memorable gig?
I played to a full house at Metro Theatre in Sydney as the support act for Hunter Hayes. That energy was unforgettable.

Worst stage nightmare?
I’m terrified of sneezing or getting the hiccups in the middle of a set. I find myself thinking about it WAY too often! I’m sure worse things could happen, but my fears are always centred around something weird.

Album that changed your life?
John Mayer’s ‘Where The Light Is-Live in LA’ album changed the game for me. As a lyricist he’s brilliant, but as a performer, he’s so dynamic. Those songs and his delivery inspired me to learn guitar and change the way I approached performing and songwriting.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
I mentioned we’re working on a mini Summer tour for the EP. Stay tuned for details on that via my social media!

A vocal tip for the kids?
Treat your voice like athletes treat their bodies. It’s important to be consistent with your training and nurture your voice so that it stays fit!

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