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It’s been ten months since we last visited South African musician and composer Robyn Ferguson at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. At the time Robyn had just released Falling Forward, the first EP in a planned trilogy of recordings that she hoped to create within a 12 month period. In August last year, EP number #2 Harbinger was released. Now, on February 26, 2021 Robyn has made good on her promise and delivered the final recording of the trilogy, aptly titled Triptych.

To celebrate the achievement, Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips caught up with Robyn Ferguson once again via Zoom to chat about it all.

Multi-award winning Capetown-based guitarist and composer Robyn Ferguson has just released a brilliant new EP Triptych, the third and final in a trio of recordings she set out to create at the beginning of the pandemic. Featuring three new tracks with two collaborations, Robyn continues to develop all facets of her craft from mind-blowing chops, to a deep understanding of melody and an eternally ambitious view of both her art and life itself. With ‘Grey’ she unleashes a dexterous flurry of notes, with each one profoundly considered, consisting of both purpose and heart. Meanwhile underneath a powerful, punchy rhythm section propels the track along, goading Ferguson to reach even greater heights. The track ‘Three’ continues the aural assault, this time featuring Latin American guitar virtuoso Adam Alvadaro in an exciting clash of music worlds. The two feed off each other so well in this metallic explosion of exotic rhythms and licks. Finally, ‘Stasus’ matches Robyn with South African based musician and producer Mark Pyjama, known for the quality work which consistently comes out of his busy Pyjama Planet Studios. ’Stasus’ is an epically constructed track, typical of Pyjama’s cinematic brand, which often sits so well behind many computer games. It also allows Robyn’s  slick and melodic fretboard work to shine through in this arena sized production.

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