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The Desmond Cheese guys take a few minutes to ponder Six Quix for us

Notoriously reclusive Australian lo-fi soul/electronic duo Desmond Cheese announce their mesmerising final album ‘Sunrise and Set’ featuring single ‘I Was There ft. Ofa Fanaika’ ahead of their performance at Nine Lives Festival 2020 alongside Aldous Harding, Kevin Morby, Allah-Lahs, Julia Jacklin, Angie McMahon and more.

Desmond Cheese’s catalogue of immersive, ambient soundscapes has clocked over 15.5 million streams online, earning them acclaim and a dedicated international fanbase that includes WILLOW aka Willow Smith, who used a track from their debut album as the backing for ‘Flowers’, out via Roc Nation Records.
‘Sunrise and Set’ is a vast and hypnotic expanse created across three years in four different studios, dancing between the natural world and the synthetic with effortless grace and groove. Each track is its own winding path on a bed of gentle beats, brimming with delightful oddities and cathartic harmonies.

Speaking on the decision to make their fourth their final album, Desmond Cheese say “I guess given our life trajectories we are unlikely to be able to commit this much time in the studio again any time soon. Maybe we will, who knows. I’m so proud of this album, and where it fits in our  limited catalogue, it just feels like a neat book-end.”

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