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From a dusty dirt track deep in the Mallee come the Dip Road Dogs, who have  announced their dreamy, driving new single Labour Day, a thoughtful, heavy track, in the vein of Tame Impala and The Flaming Lips, out now. While Dip Road Dogs’ Jack Pay was chillin’ by the river, he also decided to ponder Six Quix for us

Purveyors of the finest psychedelic Americana folk rock, Dip Road Dogs have produced a killer single with Labour Day. Chugging guitars, unstoppable percussion, and hypnotic vocals will lull listeners into a grooving trance, while mesmerising strings provide an all-encompassing bed for the melodies to float upon. It’s impossible to ignore this irresistible beat. “The single was written at our studio in the middle of the Leaghur Forest in Northern Victoria and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee – funnily enough, we wrote it on Labour Day after a big weekend at Golden Plains,” explains lead vocalist Dave Chirnside. “We had the music written for almost six months but only got around to writing the lyrics for it the night before we were due to track vocals at the studio in Nashville. The song is about procrastination, about not being able to write lyrics for a song you have music for – it’s basically about doing your own thing and not letting other people’s opinions prevent you from doing what you want to do.”

Dip Road Dogs are a group of friends who mostly reside in a house on Dip Road in the Mallee – with Oliver living in the far reaches of Western Victoria. As farmers, they found there was plenty of time and space to work on their tunes whilst stuck on machinery during harvest – so the boys began to put together some songs, as Dave explains, “Jack and I had been living on and off at the Dip Road house for three years or so when a mutual friend introduced Matt to the boys and he moved in. After a few welcome beers, the guitars came out and the rest is history. As none of the us were any good on the drums, Matt’s brother Ollie joined the band and the Dogs were complete. With all of us being from farms, we have spent plenty of monotonous hours sitting on tractors thinking of riffs and what not which I guess has been positive looking back. Jack actually mastered the Harmonica whilst planting tomatoes!”

Stay tuned for news on the band’s debut EP Shakshuka in early 2020.
Dip Road Dogs is Jack Pay, Dave Chirnside, Oliver Close and Matthew Close.

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