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All Because of the Moon is the latest release from Japanese-born, Australian-grown Neo City Pop singer songwriter Jun Parker. The new track featuring Chilean funk-connoisseur Carlinhos in production and on keyboard, has been released on Sello Casa Robot, his Santiago-based Chilean record label. Being a featured artist for the ‘Retro-fashioned 8cm single CD (Tanzaku CD) Festival’ in Japan, the nostalgic recorded medium has now hit the shelves of all major record stores in Japan. All Because of the Moon is a gentle, contagious electro-pop track from Jun Parker that elicits a smile from the first few bars. The fact that he sings in his native Japanese language adds further quirk to the already character-filled package.

Jun Parker was recently in the mood for a chat with the Australian Musician audience and sat down to  chew upon Six Quix for us.

MORE ABOUT JUN PARKER Japanese-born, Australian-grown Neo City Pop singer songwriter Jun Parker is confidently building his City Pop career based in rural South-West Victoria in Australia. His music is written bilingually in Japanese and English and reflects often the Australian landscapes and seascapes of the region he inhabits while oozing with Japanese retro sentimentalism. He wishes to bring the east a little more closer to the west through his interpretation of the retro Tokyo sound. Imbued with some essence of the current Australian music scene and a global take on the genre through intercontinental collaborations, Jun unwinds and reshapes City Pop in a brand-new way. He loves to groove and adorns those grooves with a touch of melancholy in a thematic concept he labels #FunkyNostalgia.

Jun has been featured in music festivals across the states in Australia and across Japan. His debut single, ‘Embracement’ released in July 2022 has received widespread global radio play including a series of radio show appearances in Japan. His second single, ‘Say Goodbye’ saw him collaborating with a Japanese retro-styled animator for the music video. Third single, ‘Dancing in the Dark’, his first English-language release was produced by a Japanese synth-pop maestro Seiki Sato. Fourth single, ‘Forgotten Happiness’ was a song written for Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival.

You catch catch Jun Parker in performance this Sunday July 16 as part of Leaps and Bounds’ FLIGHT: The Next Generation of Artists 3pm-9.30pm at Fitzroy Town Hall. FLIGHT is a showcase featuring the new generation of Naarm’s best artists, featuring 14 acts from First Nations and culturally diverse backgrounds. TICKETS HERE

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