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Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/singer Kat Greta has released her latest single, “Farewell My Friend”

“Farewell My Friend” is a timeless and tender ballad about deep love and bittersweet good-byes, featuring rich layers of piano, cello, drums and percussion that provide a complement to Kat’s vulnerable, magnetic voice and eloquent lyrics. Using vibrant elements of folk and pop, the intricate arrangement takes listeners on a winding journey down a road full of heart-led instrumental layers. “Farewell My Friend” is available here: and on all streaming platforms.

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by the esteemed Lindsay Gravina (The Living End, Magic Dirt, Kate Miller-Heidke), “Farewell My Friend” harkens back to the golden era of 1970s AM radio and also features talented musicians Charlie Lane on backing vocals and Monica Royal on cello, who join to create a sparkling blend alongside Kat’s haunting vocal melody, solid back beat and resonant piano performance. The song was inspired by the untimely passing of the artist’s friend from a brain aneurysm during the pandemic. It is about difficult farewells to those who pass through our lives and have a profound, lasting influence on us.

To coincide with the release of the new single, Kat Greta took a few minutes to ponder Six Quix for us

Melbourne-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer Kat Greta makes enduring music with lingering lyrics, exquisite melodies and soul-filled grooves. Her homespun songs are brimming with elements of retro pop, classic rock and folk, celebrating the legendary, strong- voiced songwriters who have inspired her, like Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, The Carpenters, Carole King and Bread as she blazes her own fresh path through the adult contemporary space. A connected and authentic performer with a powerful, personal, immersive voice and incandescent stage presence, her live shows resonate with the same energy that surges through her dynamic recordings. Her deeply personal tunes feature sentimental layers of piano, guitar, strings and percussion that display her knack for mingling melody and harmony.

Kat’s songs surge with nomadic vibes and tell vivid tales of self-discovery, evolution, love, loss and hope, sending a warm invitation to listeners to walk alongside her on her own heartfelt journey.

Kat’s love for music first bubbled up in her childhood home as she expanded on her favourite simple melodies on a toy glockenspiel and soaked up the songs of classic artists like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Abba, Prince and stunning vocalists Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston through her siblings’ eclectic record collection. Her parents nurtured her love of music, and enrolled her in a variety of lessons to help her explore her talent, including piano, violin, drums, orchestral percussion, theory and composition. Her classical training along with a passion for chord progressions in pop music of the 1960s and ‘70s helped her develop a deep appreciation of melody, harmony, counterpoint, rhythm and the distinctive range of many different instruments, and she began to use the piano to sophisticate her songwriting technique. Although she initially enrolled in classical piano and percussion at university, she found her true calling and joy in songwriting and performing, reveling in an escape back to her childhood, when she felt free playing music. Also at home in the studio, she has learned to embrace her musical intuition and let go, making music that feeds her soul and allows her to connect to others.

Kat Greta’s debut single, “Let It Go” from the EP ‘Get Up & Go’ was released in 2022 and gained widespread media attention, including a glowing review on ‘Weekend Notes’ and a ‘video of the week’ feature in the ‘Observer EDM’s.’

Having appeared in a variety of publications, including ‘Music Injection’ and ‘Australian Musician,’ Kat showcases a modern sound with empowering lyrics that highlight the old adage that ‘life is short’. Drawing from her own experiences as a woman and artist, Kat sings from the heart about leaping first and looking later. Kat continues her creative evolution as a soloist, performing regularly as a singer, drummer/percussionist and keyboard player and with her full band. She is also part of the beloved duo KAT & VAN. “Farewell My Friend” is now streaming everywhere.

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