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Bright, colourful, and brilliant, Lucy Gallant has been gracing audiences with her bohemian indie-pop for more than a decade. Anchored in folk-roots yet fiercely original, experimental, and avant-garde, the British-born songstress has been hailed as one of the most talented rising artists on the global circuit.

Her multicultural heritage is eclectically reflected in Lucy’s craft. A multi-instrumentalist she produces high-energy rhythms on the Cajón, while simultaneously singing and playing guitar, drums, and chimes. Her Burmese, Russian, Irish and Australian roots inspire genre-blended tunes and her unique voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion. A prolific songwriter, she has written over 1000 songs since childhood.

Lucy Gallant kindly took some time to answer Six Quix for Australian Musician and reveals that she has a new single “Mr”, a collaboration with Ladi Abundance to be released on all platforms on March 15

More About Lucy Gallant & Ladi Abundance Joining Forces in Empowering New Single “Mr”

Lucy Gallant and Ladi Abundance have joined forces to collaborate on an empowering new single, ‘Mr. Set to be released on  March 15th, 2024. Both accomplished singer-songwriters and producers in their own right, this collaboration was born out of an unexpected twist of fate when they discovered they had both been involved with the same man, unknowingly becoming participants in a two-timing scenario.

The song is a deliciously smooth neo-soul/trip-hop-infused track that navigates lost trust, heartbreak, and betrayal. But Ultimately, it’s a song of empowerment when the women realise that their truest love is actually found in their shared love of music. The man becomes history, and the women form a bond that inspires a new, deeply satisfying collaborative relationship. Treachery is transmuted into creativity.

Lucy leads with her unique and stunning vocals and Ladi adds an urban edge with a spoken-word-esque rap. With sweet, warm vocal tones, like honey for the soul, the two ladies have crafted harmonic choruses that linger long after the first listen.

‘Obviously this was an awkward and challenging situation to find ourselves in, and we chose to channel the hurt into something positive and powerful.’ – Lucy Gallant

Self-produced by Lucy Gallant and Ladi Abundance, “Mr” boasts a polished sound, thanks to the masterful touch of Aria Award-winning Govinda Doyle, who handled the mixing and mastering with finesse.

“Mr” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of resilience, female empowerment, and the cathartic nature of music. With its relatable storyline and infectious vibe, the track promises to resonate heavily with anyone who has experienced heartbreak and betrayal.

Lucy Gallant is an accomplished international singer/songwriter who has captivated audiences worldwide with her bohemian folk-pop style, gracing stages at renowned festivals such as Glastonbury and Byron Bay Bluesfest. The release of her EP “Flowers” in 2023 marked a significant milestone, boosting her following by a whopping 60k and cultivating a dedicated fanbase.

Northern Rivers based Ladi Abundance is a dynamic vocalist, pianist, and producer who has performed at Woodford Folk and Earth Frequency Festivals, and is a much-loved music and vocal release coach.

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