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Some bands have a better formation story than others, take Miles Recommends for instance. Conceived whilst living through the military coup in Bangkok in 2014, Miles Recommends is the brain-child of singer/songwriting and production duo Des Atkinson and Lou Cadell. Taking their moniker from their childhood video store clerk, Des and Lou (like the movies Miles recommended) defy genres through invoking a critical spirit in dissecting the social norms of today.

The new single ‘You’re Never Alone’ came about from watching the world happily skip into the anthropocene as vested interests continue to distort democratic institutions. Yet despite having the weight of the world’s problems on your shoulders, and knowing there’s no promise for a brighter future, it’s important to remember that, ‘You’re Never Alone’. With a pulsating urgency guided by yearning and soaring vocals, ‘You’re Never Alone’ takes the listener on a thrilling journey into the troubling unknown. This is the first single taken from the forthcoming debut album from Miles Recommends, Keep it Warm, due for release in early 2020.

While they were preparing for their upcoming gig at Mr Boogie Man Bar, Melbourne on Friday May 10th, Des and Lou stepped away from the car, put their hands in the air and confessed much to us in this ‘not-so-quick’ Six Quix video.

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