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William Scholes of regional NSW duo ‘Nate Schole’s answers Six Quix for us!

William Scholes and Wink Fleming are regional NSW duo ‘Nate Scholes’ and the guys have just released their debut EP ‘ feels like ages’. The pair met at University in 2015, played in pubs for a year for fun to biased friends, got jobs, and moved to separate towns. For most of 2018 they both lived in different towns and rarely had a chance to collaborate so most of the writing was done over the phone by sending random and rusty voice memos to one another to get songs started. Early demos often had birds and sheep in the background of the mix. The laid back atmosphere added to the recorded process and definitely shows in their music.

“From start to finish getting this EP together took about 2 years. From when we decided we wanted to start the Nate Scholes Project we had a pretty firm idea in our mind of how we wanted it to sound. We both have a deep love for indie folk music and found the best fit for our writing was music we loved. Writing for this EP probably started well before we thought about recording. The EP is a product of the early adolescent journey. When we’d finished, ‘feels like ages’ felt like the right title.”

“Time is a weird thing, it changes how we think about moments and how we feel about events that have happened in our lives. This EP is more about time, change and growing than anything else. The EP cover artwork was taken out a Wink’s family farm at Walgett, NSW. It is where we recorded all of our early demos and thought the photo captured in essence the beginning of our project. The lagoon is dry in the photo due to the drought, but it was full was when we started recording. We recorded the entirety of the EP with Gareth Hudson at Hazy Cosmic Jive studio in Newcastle. It was a great experience and the whole recording process only took a few sessions to complete. Joe Cara of Crystal Mastering in Melbourne mastered the EP.”

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