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The world in which Gold Coast-based First Nations artist Sunny Luwe (pronounced ‘Loo’) inhabits is one of positivity and optimism. As a fine example of this, Sunny has recently unveiled her enchanting new single ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’. Building on her impressive discography and recent successes, this track showcases Sunny Luwe’s unwavering enthusiasm and feel-good energy.

All leading towards her eagerly anticipated debut album, Sunny Luwe’s journey in the music industry so far has been marked by significant achievements, many of which have come along just this year with her three previous single releases.

As a prelude to the album ‘Flowers In The Sky’, releasing on October 11, Sunny Luwe’s latest single ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’ has her serving up a huge dose of her love and happy-go-lucky attitude. Drawing inspiration from musical legends such as Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and George Michael, this track effortlessly blends the timeless charm of the 60s and 70s with a contemporary twist.

In celebration of her single ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’ and in anticipation of her album ‘Flowers In The Sky’, Sunny Luwe ponders Six Quix for us

Describing her motivation for ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’, Sunny Luwe shares, “I was having a pretty rough time at work at the time, and really not enjoying myself. I remember being so grateful to have an amazing partner and home to come back to – my safe place and a reprieve from the gloom at work. From there, the light from the dark perspective really dawned on me. It was nice to know that even though I wasn’t enjoying work, I could change that situation. I was so loved and supported by my partner, which was really amazing. The bad times shone a light on all the beauty in my life.”

From soulful and fun verses to impressive belty choruses, Sunny Luwe’s remarkable vocal delivery breathes life into the lyrics, infusing them with genuine emotion, heart, and irresistible charm. This track, written by Sunny Luwe and her partner Matt Collins (okmattcollins, WHARVES), is more than just a song – it’s a celebration of love and life.

Crafted with the classics in mind and recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’ is a timeless testament to Sunny Luwe’s positive and optimistic spirit. Like her entire album, ARIA-winning producer Steven Schram has lent his expertise to create a vibrant and polished soundscape that captures the essence of Sunny Luwe’s artistic vision.

As the debut album ‘Flowers In The Sky’ approaches its release on October 11, Sunny Luwe’s journey comes full circle. Reflecting on the process, she shares, “‘Flowers in the Sky’ is a dream come true. Once upon a time, I believed I could never make an album. I thought it was an unobtainable fantasy, but now it’s real!”

‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’ will be available on all major streaming platforms. Stream ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’

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