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Velvet Bloom is a classy Melbourne-based soul outfit consisting of Adam Markowitsch (guitar, bass, production), Miguel Hutton (keys, synths and percussion), Nic Morton (drums) and guitarist, lead vocalist, primary songwriter and siren Maddy Herbert.

“Velvet Bloom’s music speaks to the human spirit with an oozing honey pot of silky vocals, lush soundscapes and raw emotion,” says the band’s bio. “Equal parts enthralling and enchanting,“ says Rolling Stone. As for Australian Musicians thoughts, we’re more than happy to jump aboard the good ship Velvet Bloom and cruise away to their lush, sonic destinations and exotic ports. God knows, we all need a calming escape from reality. Pour yourself a night cap, settle in and immerse yourself in Velvet Bloom’s latest EP ‘Where You Are’ out via C.W. Records. While you’re at it, book yourself a ticket to an upcoming gig. More about that at the end of the article.

Ahead of their upcoming tour dates, Velvet Bloom’s Maddy Herbert kindly took a few minutes to ponder Six Quix for us

MORE ABOUT VELVET BLOOM’S ‘WHERE YOU ARE’ EP Soul soaked and heart healing, the wait for Velvet Bloom’s acoustic three track EP ‘Where You Are’ is finally over. Out now via C.W. Records, the EP is home to first single ‘Miles Away’, ‘Goodbye’, and title track ‘Where You Are’ featuring vocals from R&B songwriter Jay Jarome, with a bonus track ‘Isobel’s Song’ on physical copies. Together Velvet Bloom and Jay Jarome are setting off this July, bringing ‘Where You Are’ to cocktails bars, breweries, seaside venues, and more across Victoria and Tasmania.

Mastered by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering, Velvet Bloom’s EP ‘Where Are You’ is a collection of honest stories, an experience that will have you simultaneously fall apart and stitched back together through threads of candid songwriting and creativity. Floating across a world of dreamy synths and guitar, the lyrics meander through themes of love, loss, grief, and more, as ‘Miles Away’ opens the EP; an anthem for touring musicians for long distance lovers, and moves through ‘Goodbye’; a letter in song form for Maddy Herbert’s father, holding space for her farewell and closure from his passing. Closing title track ‘Where You Are’ features nipaluna/Hobart based musician Jay Jarome, for a heartfelt collaboration – ‘This song takes me back to that longing, daydreaming of waking up with that special someone and having nothing on the agenda. Days of warm morning light through the window, lying in and loving all day, wine and dancing in the evening.’ Jay Jarome.

With an ability to warm an entire room no matter where you are standing, a ray of sunshine that bursts from the vocals of Velvet Bloom’s Maddy Herbert, it is no wonder that they have captured audiences across Australia. Now the song seamstress embarks on a Victorian and Tasmanian tour, joined by Jay Jarome, visiting picturesque breweries at Paper Scissors Rock in the Grampians, and Simple Cider in Hobart, a night in their home on the Peninsula Shire at God’s Bandroom, with more dates across Hobart, Melbourne, and more.

Get ready to melt in the magic and moments of Velvet Bloom’s live shows this July.

Where Are You 1. Miles Away 2. Goodbye 3. Where You Are

Where You Are Credits: Vocals: Maddy Herbert Vocals ‘Where You Are’: Jay Jarome Guitar: Alex Marko Guitar ‘Goodbye’: Maddy Herbert BVs ‘Goodbye’: Jay Jarome Synths ‘Miles Away’ + ‘Where You Are’: Alex Marko Organ + Synths ‘Goodbye’: Jay Jarome Keys ‘Where You Are’: Jay Jarome + Matthew Olivier Producers: Maddy Herbert & Alex Marko Recording Engineer: Alex Marko Mixing Engineer: Alex Marko Mastering: Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering

Velvet Bloom ‘Where You Are’ Tour Dates

Saturday 8 July Paper Scissors Rock, Grampians, VIC

Friday 14 July Gods Bandroom, Mornington, VIC

Saturday 15 July Cactus Room, Thornbury, VIC

Friday 21 July Live at The Warf, Ulverstone, TAS

Saturday 22 July Simple Cider, Hobart, TAS

Sunday 23 July Pablos Cocktails & Dreams, Hobart, TAS

All tickets via Velvet Bloom

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