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Boorloo/Perth’s alternative hip-hop meets punk posterboy, Wesley Black, has just released his three-track EP, ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’. Bringing a particular fierceness and razer-sharp punk attitude, this is a bold and frenetic amalgam of genres, infusing alternative rock, punk, pop and hip-hop.

To celebrate the release of his new EP, Wesley Black contemplated Six Quix for us

Since his debut, Wesley Black has manipulated genres building his own signature sound spanning from cut-throat, bass-throbbing hip-hop to laid-back and solemn indie jams. It’s no surprise that Black continues to do whatever the f*&k he wants as he redefines his sound with ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’, laying down a barrage of grimey, wall-to-wall pop rock ragers backed by breakbeats and canon of fiercely spat quips.

The EP opens with the frenetic energy of ‘READY2GO’, an anthem that showcases Black’s dynamic artistry. Fusing gritty punk with his signature pop sensibilities, ‘READY2GO’ is an unbottling of emotions, delivering catchy melodies and playful lyricism in Black’s unique vocal style. As the lead single, it captures the essence of the EP, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s own reality, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

The EP’s second track, ‘UR NOT MY MUM’, takes a daring turn as surf-rock-punk riffs meet with a tenacious breakbeat as Black delivers a stinging rap. This track bites with syntactic word-play, pithy phrases and blunt statements delivered with a bombastic melody and rhythm, igniting a fire that’s impossible to ignore. Black dives into themes of ego and assertion, embracing chaos and bravely confronting his innermost desires.

Closing with ‘I GUESS THAT’S ME’, a track that exudes knife’s-edge sharpness through cutting distorted guitars and raw vocals, Black embodies a snarky and narcissistic character, questioning the boundaries of self-transformation and acceptance. With unapologetic lyricism, this track serves as a compelling finale to an EP that challenges conventions.

Beneath the layers of raw energy and fuzzed-out punk riffs is lyricism that delves deeper, exploring themes of ego, self-confidence, and the inevitable impermanence of life. In Black’s words:

“EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN is a music project about ego and self-confidence. I feel that it’s been a long time since I’ve stepped away from my vulnerable side to produce music that accentuates my love of life, and these three tracks are exactly that. This EP is a project for the moment, as in the end – everything will crash and burn if I don’t take control of it. These three tracks tell a story of ego and aggression rising, only to discover that eventually there’s only so much you can do in a short life. After it’s all said and done and everything crashes and burns, your legacy is all that is left.”

Remaing gig on Wesley’s ’EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’ WA TOUR: Saturday, Sept 30 – Lynotts Lounge, Perth | Tickets

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