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Tablefox Press1

Tablefox recently released “Nothing Ever Changes”, a rollicking arena ready single taken from their new album You And I Will Find A Way. After a member change, national tours of their native New Zealand and a recording studio that could easily have a spot on Ghost Hunters, they’ve today released their second album and announced some Australian dates in November! Below the band takes us through the album track by track and have kindly allowed us to present you with a stream to listen to as well

You And I Will Find A Way, the band’s follow up to their acclaimed 2015 album Objects, was recorded at Tsunami studios with head engineer Dave Trail. Built in an abandoned hospital turned studio, Tsunami studios helped draw out deeper emotions throughout the recording as Matt Carson (Lead Guitar) elaborates,

“After each day we would retire to the accommodation which were old hospital rooms, things got very spooky at times- may have been the booze but our eyes really played some tricks on us! The most intense thing would have been the emotion of Chris’s mother passing away on the final day. The emotion involved there combined with the environment was a total game changer in terms of our expectations for this record.”

Lyrically the songs came from singer Clint Bell’s life experiences. Dealing with life, loss and how we all cope with the range of human emotion. From songs dealing with themes of internet dating or ‘the one you can’t have’, the album isn’t so much a deep dive into Bell’s own personal life, but more so his reflection on the emotional journey we all find ourselves on.

Auckland’s 5 piece powerhouse have made a serious mark in the New Zealand music scene over the past few years gaining support from the two major NZ rock stationsThe Rock and Radio Hauraki and completing 3 successful national tours. Along the way, Tablefox have scored noteworthy reviews in support for their commanding debut album.

Tablefox take us through their album You And I Will Find A Way track by track:

1. Instrumental
We wanted a tune that sets up the album with a cinematic piece that creates the mood for the songs that follow. Kind of a first act of sorts.

2. Nothing Ever Changes
Clint wanted to write a tune based on a character, Johnny who beats the odds and makes it out of his small town. Johnny makes it big somewhere else but his heart still beats strong for the place he grew up and he wears that pride as a badge of honour.

3. Right or Wrong
This song is about two people who no longer have anything in common, and it tries to explore the fact that sometimes no one is at fault.

4. Objects
This one deals with the materialistic world. It’s about relationships and how we can treat them as possessions.

5. Don’t Look Now
is about a fall from grace and how someone can turn to darker things to fill the void. It touches on when someone reaches that low place they don’ t always ask for help.

6. Something Better
is a story about two brothers who take different paths in life.

7. Under a Broken Smile
is about the strong bond a person can have with someone and how that can almost become suffocating.

8. Cigarette Glow
is a song about at a man who is sick with love. The woman of his desire can only provide a physical connection because she is already taken. The relationship is therefore doomed but the man accepts the situation for what it is.

9. Let Me Go
is a personal song about the loss of family members the band were dealing with when writing the album and it also touches on becoming the matriarch of the family and the pressure it brings.

10. You and I Will Find a Way Home
is about conquering fear, regret, love and anger

11. Beautiful Morning
Beautiful Morning is just a love song and the ultimate euphoria it can bring to a person.

Friday 10th November | Currumbin Creek Tavern | Gold Coast QLD
Saturday 11th November | Leftys Old Time Music Hall | Brisbane QLD

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