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Pic by Jason Rosewarne

Beloved rock’n’roll raconteur Tim Rogers, together with his band The Twin Set, have announced their March / April 2023 national tour to mark the release of highly anticipated long player Tines of Stars Unfurled, which is out now.

Tines of Stars Unfurled is a sequel to Tim Rogers’ classic solo debut of ‘99 What Rhymes With Cars and Girls, marking the welcome return of his fiddle-and-squeezebox country-blues compadres The Twin Set. With time to spare and initially just as a writing exercise, Rogers set about re-working ‘Cars and Girls’, re-thinking the characters, bringing them up to 2023 speed. He then enquired of his Twin Set band mate Jen Anderson whether there was merit in taking these updated songs a step further. Jen said go for it and so they did.

“I needed to correct some wrongs, even if just for myself,” Rogers says, choosing for example the first single, Been So Good Been So Far. It’s a clear reflection of ‘99’s You’ve Been Good To Me So Far, that much-loved letter to a significant other, but “every time I sang that song, I’d think, who is this person? It was clumsy. A couple of other songs didn’t ring true to me, either. They did at the time maybe, but I think it was a pose.”

“I rewrote each song on this record about three times,” Tim says. “Stylistically, they’re all acoustically based. But they all had different tempos and different strumming patterns and different chords and melodies. So different songs essentially, but with the same lyrics.”

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips caught up with Tim Rogers over a zoom call, where we found Tim in a reflective mood, the best kind really to get into a deep and meaningful discussion about the songs and the creation of the Tines of Stars Unfurled album.

More About Tim Rogers and The Twin Set Album and Tour
With a career spanning 30 years and a catalogue of fan favourites and critically acclaimed songs, Rogers’ long awaited solo return kicked off last month with new single Been So Good, Been So Far and two sold out single launch shows.

“It began as a writing exercise,” Rogers says of what is, all albums considered, his ninth outside You Am I.  Tines of Stars Unfurled is a bookend to Tim Rogers’ classic solo debut of ‘99 What Rhymes With Cars and Girls, marking the welcome return of his fiddle-and-squeezebox country-blues compadres The Twin Set, and the (slightly more temperate) barstool yarn-spinner’s perspective that made the You Am I frontman ARIA’s Best Male Artist 23 years ago. That’s long enough to bring new poetry, wit and wisdom to the rock’n’roll philosopher’s kitbag as 11 new songs hold hands with their precursors across the chasm of innocence and experience. Kids grow up, adults split up, parents pass on, some nights look better in than out and somehow, the songs keep getting better.

Tim Rogers & The Twin Set – Tines of Stars Unfurled Album Tour 2023

Tickets on sale now – head to

Thursday, March 10 Sooki Lounge, Belgrave
Tickets HERE

Saturday, March 11 Bendigo Theatre, Bendigo (solo)
Tickets HERE

Thursday, March 16 SS&A Club, Albury
Tickets HERE

Friday, March 17 Milton Theatre, Milton
Tickets HERE

Saturday, March 18 Lizottes, Newcastle
Tickets HERE

Friday, March 24 Haba, Rye
Tickets HERE

Saturday March 25 Archies Creek Hotel, Archies Creek
Tickets HERE

Thursday, March 30 Imperial Hotel, Eumundi
Tickets HERE

Friday, March 31 Eltham Hotel, Eltham
Tickets HERE

Saturday, April 1 Brunswick Picture House, Brunswick Heads
Tickets HERE

The Twin Set is: Jen Anderson – Violin and Strings / Jeff Consi – drums / Davey Lane – guitar / Richard Bradbeer – Bass

Order Tines of Stars Unfurled HERE

Connect with Tim Rogers Website // Insta / Facebook

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