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DRAGON 3The current line-up of iconic Australasian recording band Dragon, recently celebrated 40 years of making music. It seems that founding member Todd Hunter and band have no plans to end that continuity either with a new album due in September. Todd took a few minutes to answer a short Q&A for Australian Musician.

 What was your first bass?
My first bass was a Hofner violin shaped bass in 1966. It came with a signed, printed note from Paul McCartney saying how much he liked his one. It was largely unplayable, which is weird as the current ones feel great.

What’s your main bass now?
I swap between 3 basses depending on what sort of show we are doing and how much flying is involved. For most shows I use a Fender P that is nothing special but a good all round bass. It’s sounds good it has much grunt when i dig in and it’s light. If we are doing a concert show I play a Harmony H22 semi acoustic and sometimes for the hell of it I play a 1965 Jansen Telstar.

Through what amp and why?
I don’t own a bass amp – when we play the backline is usually provided.  My preference is for a classic Ampeg head and an 8 by 10 cab.

Do you use effects at all?

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
We had a Dragon band camp down at my studio on the South Coast in January and wrote a bunch of songs. There will be an album of new songs out in winter.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
From March to June we did our Trilogy Tour in theatres around the country. At the moment we have a month off and we are writing songs for our ROSES album to be released in September.

Most memorable gig?
Rhythm and vines festival

Worst stage nightmare?
Not being able to play live is my worst nightmare.  Basically, Dragon has been through so much that we are immune to embarrassment. If it’s good, it’s fun and if it’s bad, it’s funny. Playing live makes me feel good and provides a damn good reason to get up in the morning.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We are booked most weekends till March 2015.  NZ Tour in January – Endless Summer tour in January. A Day On The Greens in February,

A bass tip for the kids?
First of all, congrats on choosing the bass. Welcome to the Guild of rational guys that survey the general chaos of band life from the control room of the rhythm section. Feel where the drummer is, always listen to the guitars and vocals et al, start or keep writing songs and above all, never face facts and never give up. The good news is… It is possible to have a great life as a bass player in a working band.

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