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Accompanying Troy Cassar-Daley’s 2016 album, Things I Carry Around was a memoir of the same name, candidly looking back at his amazing life. After laying out your life to the public in a book and record, you’d think merely one album later not too many more significant events could have occurred … but you’d be wrong! Tragically, in 2019 Troy’s father took is own life. At the same time he was dealing with that, his marriage to Laurel was falling to pieces and then Covid-19 hit. Touring suddenly stopped, he couldn’t provide for his family and Troy was left with his own dark thoughts and a lot of time on his hands. He could easily have slipped further into the mire but it was his loyal and understanding wife who suggested that he needed to put all of that emotional baggage into song and make an album. Added to Troy’s personal grief, the proud Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung man had also been heavily affected by George Floyd murder in America and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests. Consequently, on March 19 Troy Cassar-Daley will deliver The World Today, one of his most personal albums to date.

Australian Musician Greg Phillips caught up with Troy Cassar-Daley via zoom to talk about the creation of the album The World Today, the songs, the guitar tones, his relationship with the Cold Chisel guys and much more.


Troy Cassar-Daley has released eleven studio albums and has been awarded numerous accolades including 37 Golden Guitars, 4 ARIA Awards, 3 APRA Song of the Year awards, 9 Deadlys (Australian Indigenous Artist Awards), 4 CMAA Entertainer of the Year Awards plus 2 NIMAs (National Indigenous Music Awards). In 2017 Troy was honoured as the 50th inductee into the prestigious Australasian Roll Of Renown. He has had numerous gold and platinum albums and achieved a staggering 32 Number 1 chart singles

The World Today is released on March 19, 2021

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