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Pic by SamuelGraves

With Wanderers third but this time, self -titled EP, the Adelaide-based band have delivered a joyful dose of 70’s style, soul pop conjuring the spirit of Earth Wind and Fire, Hall and Oates, and other classic yacht-rockin’, mirror-ball spinnin’, feel-good rhythm-meisters. It’s a sound they’ve been edging towards since their debut release in 2016 and have finally arrived at a sonic destination they’re more than happy to call home for now.

Born out of Adelaide’s thriving music community, vocalist/guitarist Dusty Lee Stephensen and drummer Matt Birkin have done the hard yards and are now ready to take their irresistible grooves to the world, starting with appearances at SXSW in March. They’ve already toured the states and have racked up as much positive coverage from the American press as they have from home, so they’re keen to capitalise on the momentum, despite the hurdles covid has put in front of them.

As soon as SXSW is done, Wanderers return for dates at home in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. See their website for dates and ticket info.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips caught up with Wanderers’ Dusty Lee Stephensen to chat about the band’s career and the making of their new self-titled EP

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