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In 1995 Belfast-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Andy White, former Split Enz frontman and ex-Crowded House member Tim Finn and Liam Ó Maonlaí, of Dublin band the Hothouse Flowers released an album they titled Altitude under the moniker of ALT.

Twenty eight years on, ALT has been revisited but this time without the  L … well kind of. While Liam wasn’t involved in the writing and recording of the new AT album (out today), he was the catalyst for its creation.

Ó Maonlaí had told an Irish magazine how ALT came into existence, with the three musicians from different corners of the world becoming friends and going for a swim at the Forty Foot, a promontory on the Irish Sea near Dun Laoghaire (historically a ‘gentlemen-only’ bathing pool, now famous as the preferred meeting place of the Bad Sisters from the hit Apple TV+ series). With a mythical turn of phrase, Liam had declared that “the sea holds the memory.” An ALT fan sent the interview to Andy in Melbourne and he forwarded it to Tim in Auckland. Tim used Liam’s phrase as the basis for a verse and chorus and wired the results back to Andy, who added a verse of his own. The song – initially leaving room for Liam – was soon finished, paving the way for another. And another. And another.

Like many artists left alone with their own thoughts during the pandemic, the songs written for AT have a nostalgic energy to them, with Tim And Andy looking back at their childhood and family life, when times were less complex. Consequently the album contains a feel-good vibe, an air of optimism with sonic nods and winks to the artists that influenced them in their younger days. Another major contributor to the feel of the album is legendary producer John Leckie, with his XTC, Magazine, The Stone Roses, and Beatles DNA all over it.

We’d already had a taste of AT with the release of two tracks, ‘My Regeneration’ and the current single ‘The Happiness Index’, a wry look at the United Nations-sanctioned World Happiness Report, whereby countries are ranked according to the emotional and mental well-being of their people, with Finland regularly top of the pile and an assortment of Third World nations lagging behind. Now, as of today you can purchase the full album.

Prior to the release of AT, Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down with Andy White and Tim Finn over a zoom call to discuss the creation of their new album.

AT album available from

There’s also a limited edition of the CD, signed by both Andy and Tim and available only at:

Andy White & Tim Finn AT:


01 The Sea Holds The Memory
02 My Regeneration
03 Bundle Of Their Dreams
04 Everything Twice
05 Save Me A Weekend
06 Three Sheep Grazing
07 Warrior Of Love
08 Best Fun Time For Ages
09 It’s Family
10 The Happiness Index
11 Rock’n’roll Star

Vinyl LP:

A1 The Sea Holds The Memory
A2 My Regeneration
A3 Bundle Of Their Dreams
A4 Everything Twice
A5 Save Me A Weekend

B1 Three Sheep Grazing
B2 Best Fun Time For Ages
B3 It’s Family
B4 The Happiness Index
B5 Rock’n’roll Star

Available March 31, 2023 on Floating World Records on LP, CD and Digital formats.

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