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Cam Butler first came to our attention as guitarist and main songwriter in legendary Melbourne instrumental trio Silver Ray. Since that group disbanded, Cam has released numerous solo albums as well as collaborations with Mark Dawson (The Coralinas) and more recently Ron S. Peno and The Superstitions. Now Kasumuen Records are very proud to announce the release of Cam Butler’s latest album, ‘Solar’ (Out August11).

Solar is an album built around a main musical theme, re-occurring throughout the record, developed and re-presented in contrasting musical settings across the album’s journey. This deep musical adventure includes lush, soundscapes and live-in-the-studio pieces orchestrated for a fourteen-piece string orchestra. Each combined with Cam’s distinctive electric guitar, Andy Papadopoulos’ bass and Mark Dawson’s percussion. All adeptly captured by the legendary Idge at Soundpark studios.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down with Cam Butler to discuss the creation of his new album ’Solar’, his gear and much more.


Cam Butler is a Melbourne-based composer, guitarist and producer who has been active for over twenty-five years in the Australian live and recording scene. Cam has developed a recognisable guitar and compositional sound that puts individuality and experimentation at its heart. He has released nine solo, instrumental albums which vary from guitar and synthetic soundscapes to works with string ensembles, both large and small. Cam has created a unique and genre-blending compositional approach; combining electric guitar and modern, classical string sections into a rich and sometimes otherworldly sound. This sound is primarily tonal, with a cinematic expression and sweeping melodies full of depth and emotion.

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