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As we reported a couple of weeks ago, new Melbourne-based indie rock band Lipstereo impressed a packed house at the Toff in Town for the launch of their debut single ’Stop’. It’s the first single from their soon to be released EP Modern Mythology, which was produced by legendary Australian producer Mark Opitz. The band wear their musical hearts proudly on their sleeves, ie The Strokes, Weezer, and Arctic Monkeys but there’s more than enough of their own personality injected into the mix to create a unique rock ’n’ vibe that could easily cut through to a larger audience in the not too distant future. Lipstereo formed in 2019, just prior to the global pandemic, which clearly impeded their original launch plans. In the meantime, the band worked on their material and improved their chops, to the point where lead singer/guitarist Sam Stranges tells us, they now have close to 50 recordable songs in the bag.

Lipstereo? The band name came out of a listening session Sam was having with a bunch of random Japanese music, when he came across a track called Lipstereo. The rest of the guys liked it immediately and it stuck. As for the band’s initial goals …  “The goal was to create really good music and have a really good live feel, enjoy interacting with the the crowd on stage, so I just wanted to get that to a place where it is enjoyable for them and us at the same time,” says Sam. Next up for the band is a second single from the EP, ’Little Spaceships’ and a few upcoming gigs.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down with Lipstereo’s singer/guitarist/songwriter Sam Stranges to chat via zoom about  the band’s origins and future plans.

Lipstereo with The Valiants & Left At The Avenue @ 7:30pm
The Valiants
Melbourne, Australia

Vermantics ‘Rome’ Release Show Melbourne @ 7:00pm
Brunswick, Australia

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