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A few months ago we caught up with Sam, guitarist and singer with Melbourne-based four piece rock band Lipstereo. We’d just seen them launch their first single ’Stop’ from their 4 track EP Modern Mythology with a memorable performance at the Toff in Town. Since then the guys have released two more singles and today the band releases ‘Take The Bus’ the final track from the extended play.

This time we met Sam face to face for another interview, in which we talk about the band’s progress and its ultimate goals.

‘Take The Bus’ is the fourth and final radio song from LIPSTEREO’s forthcoming EP, ‘Modern Mythology’ produced by legendary Australian record producer, Mark Opitz (AC/DC, INXS, Cold Chisel).

Clocking in at 2:03, ‘Take The Bus’ is the shortest song on the EP and is a fitting bookend to a remarkable debut EP. The song contains a hypnotic solo played by lead guitarist, Andrew Stainsby. Using a ‘Cry-Baby’ Wah pedal, the guitar work is as distinctive as the song itself. A 1960s mellotron sound that resembles a cello and some Lennonesque piano chords underpin the sentiment of the song in a modern-day wall of sound.

‘Take The Bus’ is the final instalment before the ‘Modern Mythology’ EP is officially released on 11th November on all the regular DSPs, vinyl and CD.

LIPSTEREO’s success can be attributed to its strong two-year creative period where they wrote and demoed some fifty songs in one of the most locked-down cities around the world, Melbourne. Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength with their ground-breaking debut music video being played on national ABC television network in Australia for weeks on end.

Their songs have been serviced to over 14,000 radio stations internationally and have received significant airplay in the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, the UK and their home country of Australia.

LIPSTEREO recently performed three songs live at a worldwide streamed concert called “Let Me Help – Children Of The World.” It was telecast live from New York City on behalf of children’s charities across the world. The band appeared alongside classic artists including Suzi Quatro, Ten Years After, Tony Orlando, Paul Anka and John Lodge (Moody Blues).

WATCH ‘Take The Bus’ –

LIPSTEREO is set to release its debut EP, ‘MODERN MYTHOLOGY’ internationally on Friday 11th November 2022 on the newly established independent record label, Pop Preservation Society.

Sam Stranges – vocals and rhythm guitar
Andrew Stainsby – lead guitar
Tage Hosking-Gregory – bass guitar
Jesse Porter – drums

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