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Award-winning singer-songwriter Natalie Gauci first came to the Australian public’s attention when she won series 5 of TV talent show Australian Idol as a 26 year old performer in 2007. Consequently she went on to release her debut album The Winner’s Journey, one of the prizes connected to winning Idol, a record very much controlled by the label releasing it. Since her Idol days, Natalie has traversed the globe, experiencing both thrilling highs and devastating lows.

On Friday July 5th, Natalie Gauci will release a new album ‘Brand New Day’, a recording created completely on her own terms. The album’s songs are a culmination recounting her life experiences since winning Australian Idol in 2007 – and some of its darker consequences.

Natalie explains: “The experience of writing and arranging my own album with a world class team was mind blowing for me, because for the first time, I was able to be truly myself without any inhibitions to change anything about who I am as an artist.

“The journey of writing these songs spans over 16 years. It begins with fame to drugs, to travel, to searching for identity and wondering why I wasn’t being heard. I now have a voice, and with this album, I’m giving listeners an opportunity to feel empowered.”

Natalie continues: “This is by far the strongest album I have ever made. It’s my truth, my story – which I feel many people will relate to. It’s about searching for love, faith and looking for hope.”

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips spoke to singer, composer Natalie Gauci via zoom call to discuss her career and the creation of her new album Brand New Day (Out July 5).

“Through writing and making this album, I discovered how to get through struggles and find victory, “ says Natalie.

“I felt I wanted to share more of my story behind the songs, so I have written a short book also titled ‘Brand New Day’ to accompany the album. It includes stories to give listeners a more in-depth perspective on my songwriting and experiences. Every time I write a song from my soul, I get a breakthrough in my own life.”

Gauci describes the new album as “largely autobiographical”. She adds: “The narrative of the lyrics is very honest, raw and exhilarating. I’m not afraid to write what I want. I totally relied on my gut instincts with each song”

‘Brand New Day’ was recorded at Damien Gerard Studios in Gosford NSW with Andrew Beck as producer and a full band which included notable musicians Ashley Naylor (Even, Paul Kelly, The Church) on guitars and Evan Mannell (Missy Higgins) on drums.

Natalie says she wants to take her listeners on a journey with this album, and therefore feels it needs to be listened to in its entirety. She has decided not to release it on Spotify or any other digital platforms. Physical CDs, vinyl album copies and digital downloads are only available from Bandcamp and Natalie’s website.

Gauci adds: “I bought myself a record player just so I could listen to my album from start to finish with meaning. This album makes a very strong statement – Compare it to Amy Winehouse or Adele, or any other artist that writes and produces their own music without being afraid to speak their truth in their songs”

Music is my lifeline, just as much as it has become my career. I have a charity called ‘A Call To Wisdom’ which I started this year to help others find their voice. I know what it’s like to experience PTSD and anxiety and when I sing, it really brings out the fire in me. I know I’m helping people just singing and using my voice. It’s not just because I’m singing, I’m singing from my soul. My charity is all about coming out of struggle and achieving victory in my life. Which is exactly what my music is about!”

To celebrate the release of the ‘Brand New Day’ album, Natalie will perform live with her five-piece band with the guidance of world-renowned Music Director Jeremy Diffey at Birds Basement in Melbourne Friday 5th July.


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