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Woodstock was one of the most iconic Music Festivals ever held. The artists who performed are recognised as legends of their generation and their music lives on to this very day. Now Melbourne has the opportunity to relive some of the memorable performances from Woodstock with a one-day Festival, “WOODSTOCK RELIVED,” to be held at the brand new ‘Bayside Art Factory’ a soon to be announced warehouse location in the Bayside area on Saturday 19th February from 2.00pm to 10.00pm.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips spoke to acclaimed Melbourne-based guitarist, composer Phil Para about his role in the Woodstock Relived concert.

This one day Festival will feature Melbourne’s own Frankie J Holden (Ole ’55), Wilbur Wilde (Jo Jo Zep & Ole ’55),  Kevin Borich Express, Mike Brady (Up there Cazaly), Phil Para, Wendy Stapleton (Wendy & the Rockets), Paul Norton (The Runners), Mick Pealing (Stars), Billy Miller: Rick Petropoulas  (The Ferrets), Rusty Brown (Electric Mary), Jimmy Cupples (The Voice), Nikki Nicholls (Original Farnham Band & Kylie Minogue), Lisa Bade (The Ritual of Rock), Mae Parker (Big & Horny), Robbie Hammond (Big & Horny) and hosted by “Coxy” (from the Roxy; Brian Cadd’s Bootleg Family Band ).  Along with a magnificent mix of local mega musicians including Tony Naylor (Brian Cadd’s Bootleg Family Band), Craig Newman (John Farnham Band), Freddie Strauks (Skyhooks) and many more, bringing Woodstock music to life.

Event organiser Jake Gautreaux said “Woodstock is etched in the memory of people around the world and has also captured the imagination of subsequent generations who have grown-up listening to the music and artists who performed at the most famous of the 1960s rock festivals.  I am very excited to be bringing some of these legendary Woodstock performances to a brand new spectacular warehouse venue in Bayside for an afternoon of  nostalgia”

Some of Melbourne’s best known artists and musicians will pay homage to Woodstock artists including:  Jimi Hendrix … Janis Joplin … The Who … Melanie … Blood Sweat & Tears … Jefferson Airplane … Creedence Clearwater Revival … Santana … Sha Na Na … Canned Heat … Sly & The Family Stone and Joe Cocker.

Doors will open at 2pm and music lovers can purchase a wide range of drinks including Craft Beer, wine and cocktails.  Local food trucks will provide a tasty variety of food.  Browse the market stalls with hippie clothing and memorabilia or discover your future read by the illustrious psychic “Liz.”  The flower power vibe will transport you back to the 60s, so we encourage you to dress the part if you so desire.

All this in an open space fully protected from the weather with Uber/Taxi facilities on site.  All facilities will be COVID SAFE.


Date: Saturday 19 February

Time:2pm to 10pm



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