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pic by Arta Gailuma

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips catches up with Melbourne hardcore band Mirrors’ drummer Rob Brens to chat about his career, his Pearl and Zildjian gear and the upcoming new Mirrors album

Rob Brens is a Melbourne-based musician who has earned a reputation across a myriad of genres as a highly proficient player who can integrate quickly with any group and deliver exceptional performances that are energetic, creative and professional. His love of multiple styles has given him not just versatility, but the ability to inject a unique approach into every situation. All of these qualities have extended through to his career as an educator, which has seen him teach in multiple settings, from every school level, to teaching beginners and professionals in private lessons or master classes.

Rob has played with a wide variety of artists, including: I Built The Sky, Simon Hosford, Hadal Maw, Teramaze, Clairy Browne, Earth Rot, King Parrot, Desecrator, Dreadnaught and many more.

Rob’s main project at the moment is Melbourne hardcore band Mirrors, who will soon release their new album ‘The Ego’s Weight’. “Leave Them Behind’ is the second single from the album and available now. You can pre-order ‘The Ego’s Weight’ from

Rob Brens uses Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads and Vic Firth sticks

Rob is currently available for drum lessons, live and studio session work and he can be contacted at, the contact page, or at his Facebook page

Rob’s website HERE

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