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The name Stephan Moccio might not ring too many bells for you at first. However if we told you he was a Grammy and Academy Award-nominated composer, who co-wrote Wrecking Ball for Mylie Cyrus, co-wrote, co-produced and landed the film 50 Shades of Grey’s two end credits with The Weeknd’s  Earned It and Skylar Grey  I Know You, then you’d have to admit that as far as successful songwriters go, Stephan is up there with the best. He has also written for Celine Dion, Dua Lipa and composed the theme song for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics. Additionally, he’s an amazingly talented pianist with a gift for feel and has just released a mesmerising new solo piano album titled Lionheart.

Following his acclaimed intimate album Tales of Solace in 2020, which boasts 140 million total streams, and growing, Lionheart continues the personal narrative begun on Tales of Solace, embracing isolation and solitude, bringing a refreshing sense of renewal, courage, determination and hope. Of the album’s narrative, Moccio said: “I created both these albums because I very much needed to, on a personal level. With Tales of Solace, I was dealing with a lot of dramatic changes in my life, this album feels much more positive, like a rebirth. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t really worry about other people’s opinions, and it felt right to name the album for the sort of courage that we all want to feel.”

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips recently had the pleasure of chatting to Stephan Moccio about the creation of his new piano album Lionheart, as well as discussing his writing and recording methods, his love of Yamaha pianos and much more

Stephan Moccio’s Lionheart is out now.

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