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Australian Musician has great pleasure in introducing you to Perth-based hip hop artist Mo Zidan aka W7LF (pronounced ‘Wolf’), who has just released his impressive debut album ‘Along Came a W7LF’. Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips recently chatted to W7LF about the album and his music journey.

Mohamed ‘W7LF’ Zidan is a 23-year-old rapper & songwriter. Born in the city of Sirt in Libya, he now resides in Perth, Australia. As an independent, up-and-coming artist, W7LF takes influence from the old-school New Yorker ‘Boom-Bap’ style of Hip-Hop and dextrously blends it with elements of Jazz, Funk & Soul genres to create thought-provoking Neo-Soul & Hip-Hop. In collaboration with Uncool Sam from Shakedown Records, who engineered and co-produced the album, composing the piano, synthesiser and drums, the pair present us with a range of well-crafted, feel-good grooves, upon which W7LF tells his story, The story, which began in war-torn Libya is sometimes a difficult one yet Mo doesn’t hold back on authenticity and honesty. While creating music is a labour of love for W7LF, the toil of making an album in itself was a very emotional journey for the young artist and he’s glad to take a break from any kind of recording deadline for the time being. However, buoyed by the positive reaction to ‘Along Came a W7LF’, he’s keenly thinking about how he might reproduce this music to a live performance situation.

‘Along Came a W7LF’ is available on Spotify and Apple Music and you can find out more about Mo on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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