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WATCH: YOUNGER THAN ME INTERVIEW – Emma Davis and Annie McKinnon

It’s rare that we’d present a feature on a band which at the time of interview, had only released one single and had never performed together as that band. The fact that the single (Hiding) was instantly appealing and sonically interesting helped. The long list of gear involved made them intriguing and importantly, they pitched their case politely and respectfully. Younger Than Me is the side-project of Sydney musicians and close friends Emma Davis and Annie McKinnon. Tomorrow (July 13) the pair double their recorded output with the release of a second single (Hallucination) and it’s as equally engaging as ‘Hiding’.

There’s just something about this duo that makes you think we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in the future and some industry heavy hitters agree. “Where’s this project been hiding? Together Annie and Emma are making hypnotic pocket-sized pop that actually feels starry and expansive once you’re in it,” said Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe. Double J’s Zan Rowe is also a fan. “Lots of beautiful textures here, love the layering of voices in particular, underpinned with that production. Warm and sharp at the same time,” says Zan.

As their bio reads, “Their sound could be described as a mix between perfectionism and slapdashery, the project sees Annie’s design background and unique and exploratory handling of sound, offset by Emma’s melodic sensibilities and ability to finesse an idea down to its core.

Younger Than Me’s journey thus far has been carefully considered and crafted, and as they tell Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips in our zoom interview,  Emma Davis and Annie McKinnon weren’t going to push play on the project until they felt it was ready.

Find out more about Younger Than Me via their link tree

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