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Melbourne-based solo bass player, writer, producer and record label owner Wayne Jones is a quiet achiever who continues to rack up accolades worldwide for both his quality recordings and more significantly his high end bass amps, cabs and studio monitors.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips recently interviewed Wayne Jones as part of NAMM’s Oral History Project to discuss his career as both a musician and product manufacturer. NAMM has kindly granted us permission to create an Australian Musician edit.

For many years Wayne Jones was primarily a solo bass player, writer and producer, with own record label. Wayne has released several acclaimed recordings to radio in the smooth / contemporary Jazz markets in USA, Europe & more. They feature top USA players Rick Braun, Philippe Saisse, Isaiah Sharkey and Mike MacArthur. Joining Wayne for the Australian contingent have been Fallon Williams III and Ron Peers . Prior to this, for over forty years, he was also a sideman in the Australian music scene, touring and playing on many studio sessions.

Going way back, when Wayne started playing he could not afford extra bass cabinets, so Wayne and his father built one. Ever since then he’s been Interested in designing his own bass cabinets, gaining even more knowledge and having a constant thirst to do better than everything else that’s on the market. In 2001 Bass Player Magazine gave Wayne a rave review that stated that his bass cabinets had unbeatable detail and balance and bassists should rejoice in the promise of a new cabinet renaissance thanks to Wayne and his design partner Lorantz Audio’s Michail Barabasz. Also when describing the cabs, the magazine said that the quality was similar to high resolution studio monitors… so Wayne decided to now make his own studio monitors. Wayne Jones is a regular exhibitor at the NAMM Show and you can learn more about his quality audio products at

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