Fender USA Deluxe Strat 2 Point Trem Vs 6 screw

Q: I have a Fender USA Deluxe Strat. It has the newer 2 point trem, whereas my older strat has a 6 screw.  Both have been professionally setup, but the older one holds its tuning better.
With a floating bridge, and using the guitar for vibrato, the 2 point keeps tune. As soon as I bend the G or B strings, they go flat. Grab the tremolo, give it a small shake, and it returns to pitch. It is definitely something at the bridge end causing the issue. If I bend the string behind the nut, it does not return to pitch, and there are no pings etc.  Seems that they all behave this way a bit.
Any thoughts? Just a feature, or would a different bridge help?

Ray: In answer to your question:
In theory the two point tremolo system is the one that should have the best tuning stability. In practice it works very well  but that is not to say a properly set up six point vintage tremolo can’t work just as well.

To quote from your question:
“If I bend the string behind the nut, it does not return to pitch”
Most likely there is something at the nut or behind the nut causing uneven tension between the saddle and nut and the nut and tuner post. You will be looking at binding in the nut slot, string retainers or problems with the tuners. Binding does not always cause a ping. Winding the strings on with too many winds or a locking tuner that is damaged or sticking may also cause the problem.

I don’t see that the saddles could be causing the problem unless rusty or covered in gunk. The two point trem relies heavily on the two knife edges at point of contact between the bridge plate and posts be in excellent condition. One or both may be damaged causing tuning problems but one would expect E treble string would be included in your problem.
Ray Carlton

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