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Vintage vibes built to last
We all love a great vintage guitar amp, but what makes it unique? The sonic flavour, or how it looks and feels? It’s a personal matter, and we found that, in most cases, it’s a combination of things that ignites their vintage vibes. TC covered all bases when they set out to recreate three classic vintage amps from scratch.

TC’s AmpWorx technology is the sonic cornerstone, as used for modelling every component of the original amps. But they also teamed up with Celestion to find the perfect speaker IR match for each pedal and to preserve the look and feel. They stayed true to the intuitive control designs.

Combo Deluxe 65’
This original tube amp with legendary reverb ranks among the world’s most sought-after vintage combos, and it is likely one of the most recorded amps in music history – for a good reason. It sounds amazing! Enter COMBO DELUXE 65’!

Jimi Hendrix is widely accepted as one of the world’s most influential guitarists. Was he the best? We would make no such claim, but he was wildly inspiring and the first to truly define the sound of guitar-driven rock. The JIMS 45 is Tc Electronic’s amp-modelling version of Jimi’s classic British guitar head!

The original amp that DC30 built upon is a British amp classic used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who and many more brought this amp to the stages and in the studio to shape the sound of their music. Now, DC30 gives you the possibility to tap into that classic vintage sound.

TC Electronic distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group

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