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troubadourleftFounded in the 1890s, the UK based Barnes and Mullins company is still producing quality instruments including banjos, guitars, saxophones and accessories. Australian company Musical Merchandisers are proud to be distributing the company’s fine range of products, especially their impeccable line of folk instruments.

Included in the range offered in Australia are Barnes and Mullins ukuleles, mandolins and an exquisite line of banjos. Available now are the B&M ‘Perfect’ 5 string banjo, B&M ‘Perfect’ irish/Gaelic 4 string banjo, B&M ‘Rathbon’e 5 string G banjo, B&M ‘Troubadour’ 5 string banjo, and B7M ‘Empress’ 5 string banjo, and B&M Banjo ukulele. (Troubadour-left and Empress-right pictured)

For more in formation on Barnes and Mullins products, visit



Here’s the Barnes & Mullins Rathbone model in action

Some must-hear banjo recordings!
Dueling Banjos – Soundtrack from Deliverance
Everybody’s Talkin’  – Nilsson
Gallows Pole-Led Zeppelin
Old Man-Neil Young
Listen to the Music – Doobie Brothers
Rainbow Connection-Muppets
Take It Easy – The Eagles
Journey of the Sorcerer-The Eagles
Love Spent – Madonna
Better Than-John Butler
Sydney from a 747-Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
Don’t Cross the River – America
I Believe-REM
Satin in a Coffin-Modest Mouse
Passepied (Debussy) -Punch Brothers
Slipstream-Bela Fleck
The Wonderful Sea Voyage – Alison Brown Quartet
Earl’s Breakdown-Earl Scruggs

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