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FG650_MSVote now in our Best Australian & International Singer/Guitarist Poll for a chance to win a Yamaha FG650MSLTD Solid Top Acoustic Guitar.

We’ve all seen the polls for best guitarist, the shred meisters and tone masters. The best frontman polls have also been done to death. But what about those talented musicians who are known for both? Australian Musician brings you our very first Best Singer/Guitarist Poll.

Our contributors have whittled down a long list to a choice of 50 of the greatest Australian and 50 International guitar playing front persons currently touring the world. Yep, the criteria is that they have to be currently active and fronting a band or playing solo. These aren’t musicians who pick up the guitar occasionally to have a strum, it’s their main instrument and they’re front and centre on stage and in the spotlight. Some may be excellent singers and just solid guitarists, others might be guitar freaks with a modest vocal range … but put the combo together and they’re the best front persons going around. A select few will be amazing at both. Sure, there will be glaring omissions and cries of how the hell did they make the list ahead of that guy and/or girl! It’s a list people, it’s damned to cause equal parts glee and outrage. You’ve got 3 weeks to vote and we’ll close on December 19. We’ll then let you know who you voted as the best Australian Singer/Guitarist  and the best International Singer/Guitarist and announce the winner of the Yamaha FG650MSLTD Solid Top Acoustic Guitar valued at $349.99rrp. The lists are in alphabetical order, so don’t be lazy and vote for the first 5, check out the whole list and tick 5. Get voting now! (Prize available to Australian residents only)

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